Food & Nutrition (Food Technology) Classrooms

With an increasing focus on educating students about healthy eating and living, the role of the Food & Nutrition classroom has never been more important.

Innova Design Group specialise in providing inspirational, well-planned and well-equipped food technology interiors that benefit both teachers and students.

Customisable design

From peninsular arrangements to island and perimeter layouts, we offer a variety of design options to maximise your space. Whether you want an environment suitable for interactive learning, or a flexible perimeter arrangement with free central space for theory lessons, we can create a food technology room design with clear sight lines, good circulation and a range of storage options.

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Investing in the future meant creating food technology rooms to support the ambitions of the chefs of tomorrow at Southlands High School.

Working with staff and students, education interiors specialists Innova Design Group transformed the existing space into state of the art classrooms - and brought food technology back to the future.

Fully compliant with health and safety regulations

Health and Safety are vital in the Food & Nutrition (food technology) environment. That’s why our designs are DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant and take into account regulations for safe food preparation and storage, gas safety systems, drainage and ventilation. Emergency stop buttons and isolation switches for ovens are installed as standard.

Durable work surfaces

Your students are still learning – so Innova creates food technology room furniture that will last. We use either Trespa or non-porous work surfaces such as Corian or Velstone which are heat and impact resistant and seamlessly joined to prevent the harbouring of dirt and food particles.

Sustainabile solutions

Sustainability is as important to you as it is to us. A food technology room is a major investment, so our designs which incorporate new equipment use the highest energy certification to help minimise environmental impact and reduce energy use.

How can we help?

From the supply of durable, ergonomic and flexible furniture that helps students sit comfortably to complete food technology refurbishments and full turnkey solutions, including the provision of utilities and white goods, Innova creates eye-catching and practical classroom designs which will motivate learning for generations to come.


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