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In today’s education landscape promoting healthy lifestyles and providing comprehensive food education to students has become increasingly important.  Food & Nutrition classrooms play a crucial role in enabling educators to deliver the curriculum to young people, so that they can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

As a Food & Nutrition interior specialist, we offer a range of services to meet your specific need, including the supply of robust, ergonomic furniture, new build furniture installation and food technology room refurbishments. Furthermore our comprehensive full turnkey design and build services offer convenience, efficiency, and expertise for clients seeking a streamlined hassle-free construction experience.
Our approach is adaptable and flexible, we can work directly with you, alongside your chosen consultant, main contractor, agency or architect to achieve the desired result.  At Innova, we understand the importance of creating Food Technology facilities that enhance learning and inspire students. Leveraging our expertise and commitment to excellence, we endeavour to deliver a tailored solution that exceeds your expectations.


Food technology room planning & design

Whether you require a 21st century Food technology room that accommodates both traditional and digital teaching methods or a practical hands-on cooking space, our core focus is on delivering facilities, that meet your needs and budget.
We are committed to creating a food & nutrition room that not only facilitate effective teaching and learning but also prioritises the safety and well-being of all users. Our designs are intelligently developed to meet regulatory standards and cater to the unique requirement of each educational establishment.

Fully complaint with Health & Safety regulation

Health and Safety is vital in the Food & Nutrition (food technology) environment, that’s why our designs are fully complaint with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations and take into account all the necessary safety measures for safe food preparation and storage. This includes gas safety systems, drainage and ventilation, emergency stop buttons and isolation switches for ovens as standard.
A successful design is achieved from a clear understanding of the project brief.  We ensure that all key requirements including layout preferences, optimisation of available space, balance of practical and theory work, inclusive space for all students and adherence to health and safety guidelines are clearly stated and incorporated into the design.
  • Shape & size of the room
  • Age and maximum number of students
  • Plan for work stations, including specialist height adjustable (hobs/ovens and sinks)
  • ICT requirement and location
  • Services, appliances and white goods requisite
  • List of large equipment to be housed
  • Work surfaces specification – hygienic non- porous surfaces, heat and impact resistant?
  • Storage integration- coats, bags, ingredients and catering equipment
  • Colours & finishes
Innova’s four step design and estimating process allows us to shape physical spaces quickly and efficiently.
Consultation / Site Visit
2D Design
2D Design & Elevations
Visualisation / Sample Boards
Fully Itemised Quotations

Food technology room layouts: features & benefits

Designing a food & Nutrition room that effectively meets the needs of end-user while complying with strict health and safety regulations requires careful planning and design. Our creative designers are highly experienced in delivering food technology rooms and furniture including store room, preparation zones, demonstration areas, research & practical spaces, as well as height adjustable furniture for individuals with special needs.

Designing your food technology room interiors 

We offer a range of design options to optimise your valuable space and budget including peninsular arrangements, island bays and perimeter layouts.  Whether you require an environment suitable for interactive learning or a flexible perimeter arrangement with free central space for theory lessons, we can create a food technology room that incorporates clear sightlines, good circulation and a variety of storage options.
While we have detailed our four most popular layouts below, it’s important to note that a combination of designs can be tailored to perfectly suit your environment too.


Food technology room furniture

At Innova we understand that creating a food technology room is a significant investment, that’s why we are dedicated to offering an extensive selection of stylish furniture, finishes and equipment tailor-made for food technology environments.


We ensure our user-centred interiors are visually appealing but also built to withstand the rigors of intensive use.
Our furniture solutions cater to every budget and include a diverse selection of perimeter, peninsular and island benching systems, integrated storage solutions, to house utensils and equipment, extensive range of energy -saving stand alone or built -in appliances and white goods, durable tables and ergonomic stacking stools to suit your need and budget.


Food technology room storage & teacher walls

In food technology environments, the importance of safe secure storage cannot be overstated. From Gratnell trays to tall, centre floor and mobile units, our customised storage solutions empower you to efficiently organise utensils and equipment and maintain clutter-free functional spaces.
Teaching and storage walls also help you to create safe, clutter-free classrooms especially where space is a premium.  Innova’s interactive teacher walls, not only offer a versatile solution but also provide a focal point within any classroom to optimise student engagement and aid concentration levels.

Food & Nutrition rooms to inspire tomorrows chefs

Food technology room manufacture

A well-designed and fitted food technology room will not only last for decades but also reduces maintenance costs and the carbon footprint.
Innova’s in-house ISO 9001:2015 accredited, manufacturing facility embodies 21st century standards, enabling efficient factory management systems and processes.  This ensures our ability to customise products, guarantee quality, control costs and swiftly respond to your requirements.  Innova’s products are skilfully designed and built to last requiring minimal maintenance, providing genuine value for money.
Sustainability is as important to you as it is to us. A food technology room is a major investment, so our designs which incorporate new equipment use the highest energy certification to help minimise environmental impact and reduce energy use.
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Food technology room installation

Innova guarantees a smooth and hassle-free, competitively priced, delivery and installation process, carried out with utmost effectiveness and efficiency, while minimising disruptions.
We offer a furniture only install, or a full turnkey service, including management of building works, utilities provision, furniture and decoration, leaving you with just one point of contact and a seamless project experience.
From initial consultation with our professionals, to the manufacturing process, building works, installation, sign-off and certification, our dedicated project managers take care of every aspect of your project.
  • Demolition & removals
  • Lining, partition & doors
  • Ceiling & lighting
  • Flooring
  • Extraction & vetilation
  • M&E Works
  • Decoration
Innova’s comprehensive food technology refurbishments are delivered to inspire generations of learners. Whether it’s through our quality product offerings or holistic transformation of Food technology spaces, we are committed to foster an environment that fuels motivation and facilitates long lasting educational growth.

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