Art Classroom Furniture

From arts and crafts to textiles and fashion, Art and Design classrooms need to encourage creativity and let imaginations soar.

At Innova we believe ideas and inspiration should go hand in hand with function and flexibility. That’s why we design practical, stimulating Art and Design interiors that provide students with the space to explore their artistic potential.

Customised to suit your needs

A space which will play host to a range of activities, the Art and Design environment requires generous work surfaces to give students the room to produce projects, from large art tables to perimeter benching. Our stylish, practical sawtooth benching provides the perfect solution for textile environments, offering students more elbow room and space to drape fabrics as well as convenient storage to house sewing machines.

Good circulation is vital in this busy space, so we’ll plan your art studio layout to include conveniently, safely-sited power sockets and deep sinks, with low-slip, moisture-resistant flooring.

Keep your art classroom clutter free

Storage is key in maintaining a creative art classroom space that’s harmonious and clutter-free. From fragile artwork to portfolios, fabrics and art supplies; Innova creates storage solutions which keep work well-organised and protected. From open shelving and cupboards to specially developed drying racks; Innova can deliver a layout to meet your needs which allows your students the freedom to create.

Teacher Walls are designed to integrate your teaching resources from white boards and interactive TV to books and equipment – a multi-purpose storage system freeing up valuable classroom space. Whilst workbench demonstration areas can give your art room a focal point.

Display your students creativity

To help you showcase your students’ talents, Innova offers a flexible system allowing both 2D and 3D work to be displayed, and includes noticeboards, cabinets and shelving.

Whether you’re looking for a complete turnkey solution for a suite of Art and Design classrooms or a furniture-only option to help you make the most of your existing rooms; Innova can deliver designs to meet your needs.


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