Flexible Breakout Spaces

A breakout space is the most flexible environment you can create in a school, college or university. More than just a classroom, a common room or staff room, it’s an area which offers students and staff an informal space to meet, work, relax and socialise.

Innova’s breakout spaces are flexible enough to meet all your requirements. From informal meetings and collaborative work, projects, to social events, presentations, exhibitions and group discussions, we deliver layouts that can be reconfigured easily and quickly, optimising the available space.

Breakout areas don’t have to be extravagant; clever use of furniture and screening systems can help to create zoned areas which can be rearranged as required.

Create a productive breakout area

Innova offers a wide range of colourful, durable breakout furniture to help you create an inspirational space to suit the ever-changing needs of staff and students.

  • A variety of smart and flexible interlocking tables which are easy to reconfigure for individual or group work.
  • Hard wearing upholstered seating, tough polypropylene chairs and comfortable, stylish, soft seating for group work or informal discussions – robust, good quality and value for money.
  • Layouts which will transform unused open spaces and corridors into productive breakout spaces such as an internet café area, perfect for work and recreation.
  • Space saving storage solutions that are durable, versatile and practical – and tailored to suit your requirements.

Finished to exceptionally high standards

From fully-planned turnkey solutions to furniture-only provision, Innova can create a breakout area which will give your staff and students room to take on the challenges of education with ease.


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