Libraries and Learning Resource Centres

A library is a special place – a calm retreat, a hub of research and a centre for interactive learning. It’s the academic heart of every educational establishment.

Today, school, college and university libraries and learning resource centres (LRC’s) have become multi-functional spaces, not only housing extensive book-based and electronic learning resources, but offering a range of spaces for independent research, collaborative study and socialising.

Library design tailored to suit your needs

Innova recognises that library design can be inspirational as well as functional – stimulating as well as practical. We specialise in creating innovative library interiors that reflect your educational ethos, resonate with your users and serve their varying needs. We can transform a new or existing library space into a flexible, multi-functional resource centre, or learning commons, designed to support individual learning and collaborative work as well as being a hub for multi-media activity.

Flexible library layouts

Our designs extend the traditional concept of a library to incorporate a series of ‘zones’ that address a variety of needs. Reading zones provide comfortable seating in tranquil surroundings, while ergonomically designed chairs and desks offer optimum conditions for uninterrupted study. Designated ICT areas and resource centres, reference sections and cyber cafe zones all deliver purpose-built spaces for work, collaboration and social interaction. As a library furniture supplier, our commitment to accessibility means that all students can be accommodated in a setting that’s warm, welcoming and inclusive.

Library furniture designed to optimise your space

Innova can supply library furniture to suit every configuration including bookcases with adjustable shelving to accommodate different height books and display units to create promotional hot spots in high traffic areas. Modular tables which can be clustered or joined together, give flexibility and variety as needs change throughout the day. ICT Work stations for interactive study and versatile storage solutions for any library environment. Flexible break out and work spaces with multimedia facilities for both individual and group work.

We can also provide a fully managed turnkey solution fully compliant with DDA and safety regulations, that encompasses every element of design and installation to ensure the timely and expert completion of what is usually a flagship project.

Innova delivers both new build and library refurbishments including :

  • Vibrant, contemporary designs that are practical and visually appealing
  • Intelligent storage solutions that make the best use of available space
  • Multi-functional zones with room to study, read, collaborate and socialise

A practical, stylishly designed library space not only provides students with an inspirational learning resource, it showcases the values and vision of the educational establishment it represents.


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