Green Meadow Primary School New VR Suite

Green Meadow Primary School is a proud member of Excelsior Multi-Academy Trust.

The aim of the school is to ensure that pupils are happy, safe and successful independent learners, achieving high standards and to flourish as rounded individuals.

Green Meadow prides itself as being an inclusive community where everyone is made to feel welcome and valued.

The Brief

In October 2022 Innova received an enquiry from the IT Technician working for the Multi-academy Trust to create a VR Suite for Greenwood Primary School in Birmingham, a first for Innova in a Primary School setting.

Following a site visit by a member of the Innova team, who carried out a detailed survey including M&E of the existing space, as well as capture the full client brief, Innova’s designer set to task to develop the new room layout.

Innova’s full turnkey services included

  • A full ripout
  • Floor trench for electrical services
  • New carpet flooring
  • Electrical works including install of LED strip lights throughout the room and sockets/data sockets for the desking as per the design
  • Every wall to be cladded, to deliver the immersive experience

“It looks incredible and will further enhance our exciting curriculum. The possibilities will be endless - children will be able to explore places they have never been to in geography lessons, shoot through space in science and travel back in time in history without leaving school! “

“The VR room is amazing. I thought I was in a dream. I really thought I was in a different place completely and I loved that you could be in a distant place and see everything there without having to travel anywhere”.

“Wow! I think the VR room is an incredible resource which will enhance our learning in the curriculum because instead of just imagining things you are learning about, you can actually see them and experience them”.

Green Meadow Primary School Staff & Pupils

The Solution

The design was developed to a futuristic clean white space, with fully integrated colour changing strip lights recessed into Innova’s unique wall cladding system, creating inspiring learning zones around the room.  In total four zones were created, giving the teaching staff flexibility to adjust the lighting levels and colours.

Innova’s unique bespoke wall clad system, with removable panels and service ducts  provides the perfect solution to deliver the immersive experience, retaining the rooms natural light as well as the air conditioning system.

Straight perimeter fixed benching and central desking with white laminate worktops and ergonomic seating creates the perfect environment for pupils to get started in their futuristic lessons.

Excelsior MAT always want the best for their pupils and are now leading the way with a full VR Suite at Green Meadow Primary School, a first for any primary school in England.

With state -of-the-art technology for the 5-11 age group, HP Z1 computers, HP Reverb VR headset and software that can be integrated into the curriculum, will enhance teaching and learning as well as support the wider community. The IT department are currently co-ordinating lesson planning with teaching staff to develop the new VR lessons.

The pupils and staff cannot believe the incredible transformation of their previous music room.  The new VR technology will be used alongside traditional methods of teaching, Maths, English, Geography, Art, Music, History, Science to pupils from the age of 5 to 11.

Working closely with the IT Team, Green Meadow Primary school’s dream has become a reality, not only is this the first VR room in any primary school in England, the state of the art technology will help to enhance their curriculum even more and they can’t wait to get started!




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