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Taking Action For A Better Tomorrow

Innova is committed to building a better working world, one that includes sustainable growth. We recognise our obligation towards our people and the wider community in which we operate, to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment.

Our policy is to conduct all aspects of our activities in accordance with approved, sustainable and acceptable environmental practices, and to operate within current environmental legislation.

We embed and promote our core social and environmental values in every aspect of our business practices, processes and products. By doing so, we encourage our wider team to adhere to these standards, striving to reduce our environmental footprint. We are committed to further our accreditation in the future – see our Environmental & Sustainability Policy


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As part of our sustainability commitments to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, here are some of the actions we have taken so far……..

  • Drive less and smarter- Our Sales and Project Managers , plan trips efficiently and  will often conduct online meeting via zoom or teams, wherever possible.
  • Innova’s design team use the latest CAD/CAM software, an industry specific 3D design tool, which links to our machines.  This allows us to create furniture and complex layouts that are realised economically, consistently and accurately.
  • Our designers and technical manager consider each aspect of a product in detail to identify where we can eliminate waste from the production process.
  • We maintain a lean portfolio of product lines that have been tried and tested in our CAD library for designers to use.  New products are developed, manufactured and tested stringently prior to use.
  • All designs are checked prior to manufacture and board material is optimised for wastage before cutting patterns are sent to production.
  • The installation of on demand extraction systems on each machine at Innova’s premises allows dust to be re-cycled to bio-mass or sold on to third-party board manufacturers, whilst remaining wood waste is used to burn and re-heat the factory.  This process generates significant savings in carbon emissions and there is zero waste to landfill.
  • Our main driver of sustainability is durability. We specify quality components and raw materials that are long lasting and value for money.  Our products minimise maintenance costs as well as improve life cycle costs of interiors. Long lasting products use less resources, give lower emissions of pollutants and less waste than short-lifespan products and goods.
  • We work with some of the leading suppliers of quality components and raw materials who demonstrate environmental concerns. Our board material is sourced from reputable suppliers based in the UK providing wood-based panel products certified by PEFC or FSC wherever possible.
  • As part of our quality control processes we monitor the waste we generate to ensure it is minimised.
  • Reducing carbon emissions from the transport is another priority.  Delivery schedules for raw materials and finished goods are carefully and routinely planned in order to optimise the transport carbon footprint whilst serving our customers as effectively as possible.
  • Cardboard packaging is re-used until depleted and then recycled.

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