ICT Suites for Schools, Colleges & Universities

An ICT suite is a major investment for any school, college or university, and its design and layout are just as important as the equipment it holds. As technology and learning evolve, the environment surrounding it, must be flexible enough to do the same.

ICT spaces should be practical and uncluttered, equipped to keep pace with emerging technologies, while offering optimum flexibility for individual study and collaborative learning across different age and ability groups.

The complete solution

Innova has many years of experience planning, delivering and implementing ICT suites layouts, language labs and learning resource centres (LRC) for schools and colleges across the UK. We can fulfil supply-only requests for high quality furniture or tailor a bespoke turnkey solution from design to installation with full project management support – perfect for suites that need to be completed within a restricted time frame.

Ergonomic ICT suite design

Our solutions address the specific challenges of this technology-based learning environment – the need to control glare and prevent a build-up of heat, for instance – and incorporate ergonomic features to help guard against strain and fatigue.

Ergonomics plays a key part in the ICT suite design. Display screen distance, worksurface height and keyboard arrangement are all carefully considered in the design phase. Workstations need to be sufficiently spaced for students to be comfortable, should allow room for equipment as well as books and papers and accommodate both left and right handed users.

Security is a prime consideration in ICT suite design and has inspired a range of solutions designed to deter vandalism and reduce loss through theft. Lockable computer cupboards, cable management systems for a safe and organised working environment, bolt-down screens and even separate secure storage rooms can all be integrated into the final design.

Flexible ICT Room layouts

Innova’s ICT suite layouts are engineered for easy access and low maintenance. Disabled provision is included where required in plans and workspaces and organised to suit a range of learning styles. ICT room designs include sawtooth and perimeter benching, collaborative hubs, centre floor pods and computer service units. Versatile seating options accommodate multiple classroom configurations, while colourful, seamless work surfaces are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Innova delivers:

  • Specific supply and fully managed solutions that can be uniquely tailored to each situation, from ICT suite refurbishments to new builds.
  • Durable learning environments that motivate students and foster improved classroom management
  • Accessible, ergonomic, low-maintenance designs with integrated security features

We believe that great design not only maximises the efficiency of the space available, but creates a platform for improved classroom management and better learning opportunities.

Quality Computer Suite Furniture

Whether you’re are looking for a simple ICT benching system, sophisticated desks with concealed IT hardware, student pods or electronically height adjustable desks, Innova can offer a wide range of ICT Suite Furniture to suit your requirements.

As a leading interior specialist we manufacture ICT furniture in-house which allows us to control our quality, cost prices, lead times and flexibility over finishes.

Our storage solutions are tailored to your requirements.  From tall to wall storage, fitted base to mobile units on castors, all designed to minimise distractions and clutter as well as allow students to fully engage with the task in hand.

ICT Seating should be sturdy and durable, chairs with lower back and neck support to prevent injury and strain. Ergonomic wheelie chairs are an excellent choice – providing flexibility, manoeuvrability and lasting comfort.

Find out how Innova transformed the learning environment for ICT teacher, Katie Rennie from Southlands High School here.


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