The science behind the perfect learning space
The science behind the perfect lab for learning
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December 2017
Inspiring Spaces
1.55 MB
December 2017
Education Brochure Low Res Jan 2018
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March 2018
Commercial Brochure
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January 2018
Abertillery Comprehensive School Library Case Study
386.39 KB
February 2018
Aberystwyth University new c66 Laboratory
Aberystwyth University Laboratory Case Study
318.80 KB
February 2018
Altrincham College of Art Food Technology Case Study
308.28 KB
February 2018
Ash Manor School Food Technology Case Study
331.21 KB
February 2018
Ashton Community Science College Post 16 Learning Centre Case Study
303.25 KB
February 2018
Barton Peveril 6th Form College Laboratories Case Study
314.94 KB
February 2018
Bellerbys College Cambridge Laboratory Case Study
309.98 KB
February 2018
Benjamin Britten School Laboratory, Art and Textile Case Study
287.56 KB
February 2018
Birkdale School Biology Lab Image
Birkdale School Laboratory Case Study
654.06 KB
March 2019
Brine Leas School Laboratory Case Study
323.99 KB
February 2018
Brine Leas Food Technology case study
Brine Leas Food Technology Case Study
606.54 KB
March 2018
Catmose Primary School Lab Thumbnail
Catmose Primary School Science Laboratory & IT Case Study Low Res
739.63 KB
December 2021
Clayesmore School Laboratory & ICT Case Study
420.40 KB
February 2018
Corelli College New inspirational Laboratory
Corelli College Laboratory Case Study
303.19 KB
February 2018
Cronton Sixth Form College Materials Laboratory
Cronton Sixth Form Centre STEM Case Study
381.78 KB
February 2018
Dame Allan's School Laboratory Case Study
287.30 KB
February 2018
Denstone College Laboratory Case Study
504.87 KB
February 2018
Dulwich Prep School Laboratory, Food Technology & Design Technology Case Study
398.38 KB
February 2018
Finchley Catholic High School Food Technology Case Study
292.78 KB
February 2018
Flixton School for Girls Food Technology & Hair Salon Case Study
325.76 KB
February 2018
Francis Holland School Sloane Square Laboratory Image
Francis Holland School Sloane Square Laboratory Case Study
751.24 KB
March 2019
Gayhurst Prep School STEM Laboratory image
Gayhurst Prep School Laboratory & STEM Room Case Study
755.51 KB
March 2019
Giggleswick School Laboratory Case Study
420.36 KB
February 2018
Great Western Academy DT Room image
Great Western Academy New Build Case Study
660.12 KB
October 2018
Hapton Primary School Media Suite, Classroom & Washroom Case Study
369.98 KB
February 2018
Headington School Laboratory Case Study
295.69 KB
February 2018
Heolddu Comprehensive School Food and Design Technology and Art Room Case Study
423.91 KB
February 2018
Hopwood Hall College Laboratory Case Study
435.40 KB
February 2018
King Edward Camp Hill School for Girls Laboratory Case Study
316.23 KB
February 2018
Longdendale High School Laboratory Case Study
297.80 KB
February 2018
Manchester High School for Girls Laboratory Case Study
393.86 KB
February 2018
Mendip Studio School STEM Facility
Mendip Studio School STEM Case Study
385.31 KB
March 2018
Newlands Girls School New Laboratory image
Newlands Girls School Laboratory Case Study
700.01 KB
October 2018
Nottingham High School Food & Nutrition Room Thumbnail
Nottingham High School Food and Nutrition Case Study Low Res
715.67 KB
December 2021
Oasis Academy ICT Case Study
352.56 KB
February 2018
Penwortham Priory Academy Laboratories & Prep Room Case Study
422.31 KB
March 2018
Salford City College LRCs, Laboratory, Vets Room and Storage Walls Case Study
375.33 KB
February 2018
Shireland Collegiate Academy Laboratory Case Study
268.02 KB
February 2018
Solihull College Laboratory Case Study Low Res
313.81 KB
February 2018
Southlands High School Art Block Case Study
680.23 KB
February 2018
Southlands High School Food Technology Case Study
388.05 KB
March 2018
Southlands High School Dining Room Case Study
346.15 KB
March 2018
Southlands High School Labs & ICT Suite Case Study
320.73 KB
February 2018
Southport College Laboratory Case Study
324.13 KB
February 2018
St Martin's School Laboratory Case Study
346.36 KB
February 2018
Stockport Grammar School Laboratory Case Study
273.00 KB
February 2018
Swanshurst School Laboratory Case Study
299.80 KB
March 2018
The Derby High School Hot Corner Laboratory Image
The Derby High School Laboratory Case Study
703.58 KB
March 2019
The King's School Devon DT Room Thumbnail
The King's School New DT Block Case Study Low Res
865.79 KB
December 2021
The Royal Alexandra and Albert School ICT Case Study
325.94 KB
February 2018
The Snaith School New Science Lab thumbnail
The Snaith School New Science Facility Case Study Low Res
828.23 KB
December 2021
Trent College Laboratory Case Study Low Res
Trent College Laboratory Case Study Low Res
309.59 KB
March 2018
Trumpington Community College Laboratory and Prep Room Case Study
345.70 KB
March 2018
University of West London Biomedical Lab Thumbnail
University of West London Biomedical Facility Case Study Low Res
722.79 KB
December 2021
Urmston Grammar School Laboratory, Auditorium, Language Lab Case Study
297.10 KB
March 2018
UTC Lancashire Laboratories, ICT Work Stations, Teacher Walls and Demo Areas Case Study
558.58 KB
March 2018
UTC Warrington Laboratory Case Study
312.62 KB
March 2018
Virgo Fidelis Convent School Food Technology Case Study
301.75 KB
March 2018
Vision West Nottinghamshire College Science Lab Case Study
418.03 KB
March 2018
vision west nottinghamshire college electronics lab thumb nail
Vision West Nottinghamshire, Electronics and Engineering Laboratory Case Study
460.77 KB
December 2018
Warrington & Vale Royal College Lab Thumbnail
Warrington & Vale Royal College Laboratory Case Study_Low Res
543.90 KB
December 2021
Welland Park Academy Library Case Study
369.71 KB
March 2018
Wolverhampton Grammar School Laboratory Case Study
272.09 KB
March 2018
Worthing High School Science Laboratories
Worthing High School Laboratory & Prep Room Case Study
283.30 KB
March 2018
AlphaBiolab thumbnail
AlphaBiolabs, Extraction and PCR Laboratory plus Office Area Case Study - Low Res
351.54 KB
December 2021
Animax Limited R&D Laboratory Case Study
408.10 KB
March 2018
APS Group Ford Showroom Furniture Case Study
746.93 KB
March 2018
Evans Vanodine International PLC Microbiology Laboratory image
Evans Vanodine International PLC Microbiology, R&D & QC Laboratories Case Study
402.85 KB
March 2019
Ebbw Vale Public Library Case Study
460.57 KB
March 2018
Ironsides Lubricants Limited R&D plus QC Laboratory Case Study
448.33 KB
March 2018
Manchester Visitors Centre Showroom Furniture Case Study
600.23 KB
March 2018
Metalube Limited R&D Laboratory plus Offices Case Study
425.39 KB
March 2018
Moody Terrace Dentist Waiting & Reception Case Study
237.72 KB
March 2018
OE Electrics R&D Laboratory Case Study
367.54 KB
March 2018
Stockport Council reception-area
Stockport Council Reception Case Study
418.37 KB
March 2018