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Today’s laboratory environments are designed to develop critical thinking, elevate student’s expectations, and enhance academic achievements. Modern laboratories serve as catalysts for active student participation and encourage learners to stretch their intellectual capacities.

Exemplary science education goes beyond traditional teaching methods, blending 21st century skills into the school’s curriculum. It integrates technology and real-world experiences such as STEM, VR & T-Level Learning, preparing students to excel in our fast-changing world.
At Innova we specialise in the creation of  student-centric and inspirational Laboratory environments, tailored for schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

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Our custom-designed spaces are crafted to stimulate the inquisitive minds of students, while offering durable, functional and cost-effective solutions.  Regardless of the challenges your project presents, Innova has the knowledge and expertise to deliver cutting-edge scientific environments that empower students to flourish and excel in the 21st century.


Laboratory planning & design

Successful laboratory planning and design involves creating functional, safe and efficient laboratory spaces that cater to your intended activities and users. Whether you’re looking for laboratory furniture supply, new build furniture installation or a comprehensive turnkey design and build service, including management of building works, utilities provision, furniture and decoration, we can collaborate with you directly or in conjunction with your chosen architect or contractor to ensure your vision becomes a reality.  With our dedication to excellence, we are committed to meeting your specific needs and achieving the desired outcome for your laboratory project.

Fully complaint with Health & Safety regulation

Leveraging our extensive experience in science lab furniture, design, manufacture and install, our expert team ensures every interior we create meets current Health and Safety regulations, Building Bulletins, CLEAPPS guidelines and involves the integration of surfaces, services and storage facilities to create a working environment that’s tailored to your needs.

Shaping your laboratory environments

As any scientist knows, you have to follow a method to get results. That’s why we consider every aspect of your laboratory refurbishment or new build, step by step when planning your design including:
  • Age and number of students using the space
  • Shape and size of the room, daylight and site lines
  • Circulation space
  • Teaching & learning styles
  • Method of distributing services: gas and electric and water
  •  The choice of furniture
  • Most suitable work surfaces
  • Fume Cupboards, fixed ducted, fixed re-circulatory & mobile re-circulatory
  • HVAC Systems: Heating, ventilation and air condiioning
Innova’s Laboratory designs, maximise circulation and storage and are safe, practical and impressive.  Our four step design and estimating process allows us to shape physical spaces quickly and efficiently.
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Creating tomorrow’s learning laboratories

Schools, colleges and universities shape the world of tomorrow, whilst educators play a fundamental part in developing the students, the teaching environment is crucial to the complete learning experience.
As a manufacturer and installer of science laboratories, we offer a diverse range of design options to suit the curriculum and the way students learn including, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, SEND, STEM, T level through to the more advanced subjects in higher education such as Electronics, Computer Science and Life Sciences.
From our unique Hot Corners® layout to Farraday designs and pod style benching, our designers create intelligent laboratory layouts to accommodate different teaching styles, including practical work, theory and project based learning.  Our aim is to deliver a laboratory interior which will encourage student participation, enhance engagement and above all caters to the need of its users.


Laboratory furniture: Designed to perform, built to last

Science classrooms demand durable functional and cost-effective laboratory furniture. Our products including benches, desks, service units, and worktops, are manufactured with high quality raw materials, to meet the challenge.


Innova’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing coupled with our skilled workforce means we deliver a comprehensive range of ergonomic, smart solutions that cater for every budget: Fixed or mobile furniture, in a breadth of colours, benching systems, chemical and scratch resistant worktops, service pedestals, height adjustable desks, seating and much more.  Where specialist fume cupboards are required either fixed ducted or mobile, we provide high quality, competitively priced products.
Our guarantee to you is a quality product, finished to the highest specification and delivered on time and to budget.

Laboratory storage solutions & teacher walls

Safe, secure storage is vital in science laboratory environments, from gratnell trays to chemical storage cupboards, tall, centre floor and mobile units. Our tailor made storage solutions allow you to organise equipment, store chemicals safely and keep practical areas clutter free.
Teaching and storage walls also help you to create safe, orderly classrooms especially where space is a premium.  Innova’s interactive teacher walls, not only offer a versatile solution but also provide a focal point within any classroom to optimise student engagement and aid concentration levels

Laboratories to inspire tomorrow's scientists

Laboratory manufacture

Science laboratories are an expensive investment and are expected to last for many years and therefore a well designed and fitted laboratory will not only last for decades but also reduce maintenance costs and the carbon footprint.
As a manufacturer and ISO 9001: 2015 accredited business it’s in our best interest to implement robust quality control processes to create products that exceed customer expectations. Whatever your space and your vision for it, at our state-of-the-art, 45,000sq ft factory in Greater Manchester, we expertly translate design concepts into manufacturing reality and deliver the right solution for you.
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Laboratory installation service

Innova guarantees a smooth and efficient delivery and installation process, causing minimal disruption to you.  Select from our furniture only installation, or full turnkey service, including management of building works, utilities provision, furniture and decoration, leaving you with just one point of contact and a hassle- free project.
  • Demolition & Removals
  • Lining, Partitions & Doors
  • Ceiling and Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Extraction
  • M&E Works
  • Decoration
Every project comes with its’ own unique set of challenges, however major or complex, working in partnership, our dedicated multi-skilled project managers provide a single point of contact for clients and contractors. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you at every stage of the process.
Innova’s dynamic, stimulating and purposeful laboratory environments are designed to ignite curiosity, creativity and passion for scientific exploration. Through inspiring designs, cutting-edge furniture and interactive spaces, we foster an atmosphere to empower students to push boundaries, discover new possibilities and become the innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow.

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