Car Dealership Furniture

As part of the Ford showroom upgrade programme across Europe, Innova’s  brief was to work with APS group to deliver showroom furniture across 3000 dealerships.  Each showroom roll-out was planned to include coffee tables, service/check-in desks for the ‘Hello’ welcome area and a discovery bar for the ‘Discover’ zone, where customers are given the facility to carry out their research, prior to making any purchase decisions.

Project Scope & Scale

Over 5,600 furniture and POS items were manufactured in house at a rate of 500 units per month over 14 months, across twelve languages with country site specific requests.

'...Innova have delivered on a constant basis and always met our expectations.'

Andy Shaw, Product Manager Retail Solutions

Working closely with APS Group, Innova developed the “design intent” through to working prototype. Product variants and units were constructed for third party assessment and BSEN certification and 3D design details, walkthroughs and specification lists produced.

Using Innova’s production facility with technical partners a coherent manufacturing strategy was developed. Implementation included installation of new CNC equipment, the recruitment of additional staff and the testing of and agreement on training and packaging formats.

Innova completed third party training for installation companies including factory visits, dealership site training plus production and installation of exhibition show units for international launch events.

A complex and detailed project was delivered on time, on budget and in high quality materials. This roll out has led to further initiatives for design, development and supply with APS Group.

The state-of-the-art showrooms are now poised to provide a unique interactive experience for Ford customers.


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