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Design & Technology

Design Technology Classrooms

Design and Technology is a demanding discipline uniting a range of practical and theoretical skills, often in a single, multi-purpose workspace

Students will need to work individually and collaboratively, taking part in whole-class discussions and spend time refining their designs before constructing prototypes. In practice this means assigning areas for research and analysis, design, planning and fabrication, plus testing and evaluation.

Furniture designed for technology classrooms

Some activities, especially in the research and evaluation phases, require ‘clean spaces’ – large tables and networked CAD/CAM resources – and others need specialist equipment such as woodworking machinery or sewing machines. Presentation equipment, including interactive whiteboards and data projectors, will often be in use – and there’s likely to be a requirement for designated 2D and 3D display areas, as well as secure storage.

Innova excels in the design of practical spaces for textiles, electronics, design and technology rooms. We’ll consult carefully with staff and departmental heads before creating a bespoke plan that will be durable, flexible and multi-functional.

Durable technology workbenches

Our designs are built to withstand the rigours of a demanding tech-focused environment and include specialist craft benches, realisation benches, and woodwork and metalwork benches – all compete with vices. Design technology workstations can be freestanding or mobile for added versatility and can be designed to accommodate large pieces of equipment – such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

Our stylish, practical sawtooth benching provides the perfect solution for textile environments, offering students more elbow room and space to drape fabrics as well as under bench storage to house sewing machines.

Effective storage solutions

Specially designed pigeon holes provide room to store fabrics neatly and cleanly, whilst large tables make pattern cutting easier. Lockable desks and storage units play an important role in keeping the workshop safe and tidy for students.

  • Bespoke D&T suites  that creates separate zones for research, design, fabrication and testing
  • Durable learning environments that are fit for purpose and easy to maintain
  • Versatile design technology furniture design incorporates essential equipment and promotes safe use

A well-resourced, correctly planned Design and Technology refurbishment or new build facilitates a wide range of learning styles and enables staff and students to make more effective use of available resources.


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