New Biomedical Facility to provide First Class Student Experience 

The University of West London, is known for preparing graduates beyond the classroom into the world of work and continues to adapt their curriculum to meet today’s challenges as well as provide students with the skills that are relevant to the job market now and well into the future.

Biomedical Science is a fast growing field and the knowledge of diseases and how to treat them is continuously increasing. Studying for a degree in Biomedical Sciences whether specialising in Genetics, Immunology, Nutrition or Pharmacology prepares students to work in an environment known for its cutting edge research.

As the popularity of the subject increases at the University, providing the latest facilities to enhance students’ knowledge of Biological and Medical Sciences and understanding, analysis of the basis of human disease becomes critical.

The Brief

In 2020, with the increase in popularity of the Biomedical Sciences degree at University of West London, the Estates team, planned to create a Biomed Facility incorporating all teaching, research and staffing elements. The key aims of re-organising the spaces was to provide on-going first class student experience, address corporate standards, maximise space and efficiency and using existing services where possible to set out the ventilation system so that it provides appropriate isolation from the building system to avoid any cross contamination.

Early February 2020, Innova received the tender documents from the University and at the same time was approached by Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment Ltd to work in collaboration in order to deliver the new Biomed facility at the University.

Innova opted to work in partnership with Whitco to progress a combined bid on this occasion.  Following the submission in March and unfortunately due to National lockdown the project was subsequently put on hold.

It wasn’t until late November 2020 the JCT Design and Build contract was then awarded to Whitco Catering & Bakery Equipment Ltd and Innova.

Innova and Whitco working in partnership progressed the project in just 8 weeks to deliver a quality refurbishment in line with UWL corporate specification, from removing staircases and partitions, removal and modification of existing services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarms, furniture and Installation to final decoration.

With a tight deadline, robust cost control, additional lock down issues meant Innova’s key processes had to be modified in order to address the key challenges.

The Solution

Working closely with Whitco and the University, Innova developed a Peninsular layout for the Research Lab providing optimum work spaces and ample scope to maximise storage, serving research academics and post-doctoral researchers as well as final year project students carrying out their work.

Whilst the Teaching Lab also designed to a peninsular layout is predominantly used to run practicals normally by academics and the technical team,  which also required IT/AV/computing power together with multiple screens and general equipment, including micro-centrifuges, PCRs, spectrophotometers, microscopes in sufficient numbers for use without queuing.

The central benching in both Laboratories houses reagent shelving where the horizontal bases are manufactured from durable Trespa® solid grade laminate for chemical resistance with high quality MFMDF uprights, coupled with LED controlled lighting provides a focal point for scientists to carry out their research.

Reagent shelving is the smart storage solution for a seamless workflow, keeping work surfaces clutter-free from regularly used items.

To optimise the workspace further, gas, electric and data services have been incorporated into the reagent shelving seamlessly resulting in an uninterrupted workspace.

Both labs also accommodate height adjustable DDA work stations for disabled students or researchers.

The Prep space was designed to provide exceptional support in a highly organised fashion featuring a central island and plenty of fixed benching with ample storage around the perimeter of the room to house equipment and consumables.

University of West London’s new inspirational Biomed facility will prepare graduates in their future careers and help researchers carry out cutting-edge research for years to come.


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