Music & Drama Classrooms

Music and Drama help students build confidence, develop their communication skills and learn how to work as a team – abilities which will motivate all aspects of their learning.

That’s why the space they’re taught in has to be as stimulating as the subjects are. Well-designed music and drama classrooms provide students with the opportunity to engage in imaginative thought, helping them to deliver the perfect performance.

Creative spaces

Innova’s drama studios and music suites are designed to inspire: from tiered performance theatres and recording suites to open drama studios and star-lit dressing rooms, we create music and drama classrooms that engage students and let their talent shine.

Classrooms designed with acoustics in mind 

Good acoustics are key to music and drama, enabling pupils to listen, learn and perform with minimal disruption. Innova’s expert designers will work with you to produce a space that’s pitch perfect – minimising acoustic interference by installing suspended ceilings and display boards that are cleverly located to make the most of the room’s natural sound.

Flexible music classrooms to suit a range of activities

Music classrooms need the flexibility to support a range of activities, from teaching and practising to recording, rehearsing and performing. Innova’s bespoke solutions mean we can create a space that’s tailor-made for you, from faceted keyboard benching to central performance spaces, recording studios and instrument storage.

Show-stopping drama studios 

When it comes to drama classrooms, we can help you create everything from open studios to fully lit, tiered performance theatres. Add in a range of storage options for costumes and props and star-lit dressing rooms and you have everything you need for a show-stopping performance.


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