Studies Prove Classroom Design Matters

Studies Prove Classroom Design Matters


The link between performance and the learning environment was found to be a significant factor in a pupil’s academic development.

A year-long pilot study tested 34 different learning environments, taking into account classroom orientation, natural light, acoustics, temperature and air quality. Further variables such as flexibility of space, organisation, storage facilities and use of colour were also revealed to affect a pupil’s learning progress.

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The results demonstrate that the classroom environment can have a significant impact on learning progress. From high quality, purpose designed furniture to zoned areas which allow varied learning activities and the use of colour and lighting levels; a well designed classroom is a key element in effective learning.

The holistic assessment evaluated both the design and classroom function in order to establish what an effective learning environment includes.

At Innova we never underestimate the importance of creating inspirational learning environments. We use our knowledge and experience in the educational sector to create spaces which work to improve the learning experience of students.

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As specialists in the design, manufacture and install of educational spaces, we have helped hundreds of schools and colleges across the country to create facilities which support and encourage learning.

Innova never fails to deliver a ‘WOW” factor, with stunning spaces that actively inspires both students and teachers alike. From laboratory refurbishments, inspirational IT spaces, food technology rooms, stylish dining rooms to toilet revamps, we specialise in creating quality learning environments designed to optimise learning.

At Innova we take pride in helping schools to achieve their primary function – to inspire students

Source: Salford University Study Results

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