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Heolddu Comprehensive School

Technology Classroom Refurbishment

Heolddu Comprehensive School, located in Bargoed South Wales, was one of several schools to successfully secure Welsh Government Funding to upgrade their facilities as part of the multi-million pound Challenge Cymru Pathways to Success Schools Programme.

With a motto of “Opportunity for all”, Heolddu was looking to upgrade the Technology and Art department to provide students with the very best facilities in which to pursue their studies.

The Brief

Heolddu is a school with driven management and clear direction, but in order to raise attainment for the pupils, the facilities required significant improvement. With the aim of raising the attainment levels for the pupils,  the school sought to transform the technology block and install state-of-the-art facilities including an art classroom, design technology room and a food technology space.

"Embracing the latest design, technology, layouts and storage considerations they do everything we wanted of them and more. We couldn’t be happier with the results."

Matthew Sims, Headteacher

With a clear brief to maximise space, improve circulation and shorten the lines of communication, Innova worked directly with the school to a very tight timescale to complete the renovation and improve the prospects of pupils at Heolddu Comprehensive School for years to come.

The Solution

In a eight week design, manufacture and installation project, Innova delivered cutting-edge food technology, design technology and art classrooms for Heolddu Comprehensive School.

The food technology room was designed with a peninsular layout with discreet kitchen areas to give teachers the flexibility to divide their classes into small groups for practical sessions.

Holding students’ concentration can be a challenge for any teacher, and the design of a central demonstration area which offers staff and students greater visibility across the room helps to shorten lines of communication and ensure the teacher is the focus of pupils’ attention.

"These brilliant new facilities give the pupils here the very best chance of success. It’s vital that we provide our young people with the finest facilities possible, to give them the best learning and skills."

Kirsty Williams, Welsh Education Secretary

The choice of durable, easy to maintain materials like Trespa provides an environment that’s hygienic and ready to face the generations of young cooks to come.

In the design technology room, the layout was designed to accommodate both practical and theory, ensuring sufficient circulatory space to meet health and safety standards.

Island workbenches suitable for timber, wood and plastic were installed along with loose tables to create a multi-purpose workspace to suit a range of disciplines.

Perimeter benching for table top machines, drills and band saws ensures the students have easy access to essential equipment.

Flexible, loose tables were installed into the art classroom to allow the room to be easily reconfigured to suit a range of activities. Cutting clutter was a key priority and building storage units has helped the school to house equipment safely, from art materials to students work.

The neutral colour schemes have created a contemporary feel which has inspired staff and students alike.

These enhanced environments will improve the prospects of pupils in Caerphilly for many years to come.


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