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What Design Features are important in an Art classroom?

Southlands High School Art Room_1


From potato prints to clay sculptures and every artistic discipline in between, the art classrooms in our schools require a significant number of tools and materials – all of which need to be stored correctly.

At Innova we can completely customise the classroom to your requirements. From built in drying racks to ensure a full classes drawings and paintings can be dried to lockable art portfolio storage for student course work – we have developed a range of storage systems to maximise space and allow you to seamlessly deliver lessons throughout the day.

Southlands High School Art Lesson

Art Tables

Large tables are essential in art classrooms and provide students with a generous work surface to complete projects. At Innova we use quality materials such as Trespa to guarantee durability and longevity.

Stockport Academy classroom

Display Space

One of the most effective ways to encourage students to engage with art projects is the chance to see their work displayed inside or outside the classroom. A dedicated display space which receives plenty of footfall can help the students feel valued and proud about their work. Additionally, an open display encourages artistic discussion between students and teachers.

There are a number of different types of display spaces which could complement your art classroom. Flexible display walls like the art rooms at Southlands High School provides the ability to display both 2D & 3D media, allowing you to recreate the visual effect of an art gallery.

Southlands High School art classroom


Perhaps more than any other classroom, it is important to consider the lighting options in an art classroom.  Allowing a high quantity of natural daylight into the room can have a wide range of benefits for the students and the quality of their work. The health and wellness benefits of natural light are well-publicised, and can also offer increased clarity affording students a greater view of the objects, models and muses they are painting or sculpting.

Additionally, feature lighting can be incorporated to implement directed and zoned lighting which can be beneficial when teaching students about shading and shadows.


If you are using materials and techniques in art classes which emit fumes and dust throughout classrooms, it is imperative the room has sufficient ventilation options. Consider where these materials are located in the room and concentrate the ventilation options in these spaces, so the fumes are can be ventilated.

Deep Basin Sink

Sinks and Electrical Outlets

Both of these features are hugely important in the modern art classroom but should never be placed in close proximity of one another. The dangers of mixing water and electricity could potentially harm students and teachers using either of the features.

Consider the paths walked by the students and teachers and where electrical appliances with main connections will be best positioned. Place the sinks and electrical outlets appropriately so use is efficient and electrical appliances needn’t be moved far through the classroom.



The Innova design team can help you every step of the way when designing and developing art classrooms. For more information about how we can help you, visit our Case Studies page or call us now on 0161 477 5300.