How Design can impact Learning and Engagement in Classrooms

What do you think affects learning and engagement in the classroom? The aptitude and skill of the teacher? The personality of individual pupils? The curriculum?

Although these factors do have an impact, two complementary studies conducted by The University of Salford have shown that classroom design has a profound influence on learning and engagement.

To demonstrate exactly the effects design has on learning and engagement in the classroom, we have produced an infographic detailing the key areas in which the built environment can influence student progress.


The studies, which were conducted at a number of schools across the UK, recorded the variations in student progress when exposed to different classroom designs and layouts.

Researchers found that 75% of the variation in pupil performance can be explained by the built environment – with lighting, air quality, colour and noise disruption cited as the primary factors effecting student engagement.

The infographic above covers classroom lighting, design, colour and personalisation – with a number of useful tips teachers and schools can use to reduce the negative consequences of poor classroom design and improve the learning environment for their students.