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Top 10 tips for the Perfect Laboratory

Burnley UTC Scinece Lab_8

Innova Design are market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of high-quality interiors to the education industry, with vast experience in the creation of inspirational laboratories.

Here are Innova’s top ten tips for planning the perfect school science laboratory.

 Laboratory Design & Research

1 Research

Have a look around. It will be useful to visit other schools that have recently installed new science facilities to get some ideas and inspiration. Talk to staff and students to see what works – and what doesn’t.

 Laboratory Design Brief

2 Brief

A clear brief is key to a successful project. Be sure in what you want to use the space for in terms of the balance between practical and theory work and spell out what fixed equipment, such as sinks, fume cupboards and blackout blinds, you will need in the room.

 Laboratory Space and Planning

3 Space

Be aware of the number and age ranges of the students who will use the room, which is vital in terms of space planning and the height/size of furniture installed. Making best use of the space available can determine the overall success of the project.


4 Inspire

Science has the potential to inspire great thoughts and learning and a lab with the ‘wow’ factor will bring the best out of students. Exciting colour schemes and themes, coupled with imaginative design and cutting-edge furniture, can motivate students, staff and parents alike.

 Laboratory Furniture

5 Furniture

Installing furniture that is correctly sized and fit for purpose is vital. That goes for comfort and practicality for both seating and the type of work benching required. Getting the right shape and design of benching has a major impact on how well the room works, while choosing the most appropriate work surfaces is key to maintenance and the type of experiments being carried out.

 Utilities Installation - Laboratory

6 Utilities

Working labs are likely to need a gas supply, as well as water, electricity and drainage. These utilities may need installing or supplementing, depending on the lay-out of the building and whether the project is a new-build or a refurbishment.

 Laboratory Storage

7 Storage

Experience shows the important of maximising storage. Technicians, teachers and students will all benefit from being able to store away as much equipment as possible to keep work surfaces clear and aid concentration.

 Laboratory Environment

8 Environment

Lighting, heating and acoustics are all important considerations towards making a lab work to its best. Making the most of natural light is a design strength, along with creative use of additional – and potentially energy-saving – light sources.

 Laboratory Teaching Space

9 Teaching

The success of any education space can be based on the performance of students, so getting the right design to aid teachers present their lessons must not be overlooked. Provision of an interactive teacher wall provides a focal point, while creating clear and short lines of communication helps and encourages engagement.

 Get the Right People

10 Get the right people

Modern, eye-catching, welcoming and educationally beneficial facilities say a lot about your school. Labs come near the top of that list so you can’t afford to take a chance. Go to a designer that has a proven track record and will work with you to create the lab you want.

Innova are experts in implementing effective classroom designs that work for both teachers and pupils. Our innovative designs and technologies can reduce stress, increase engagement and create an altogether better learning environment in the classroom. 


To find out more about how we can help you, read our recent Case Studies or give your team a call on 0161 477 5300.