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How to Create State-of-the-Art Labs

Hopwood Hall College

One of the key initiatives to improving the performance of students in STEM subjects in UK institutions is improving their working environments.

Practical and Theoretical Scientific Learning

Providing a space that is effective for both practical and theoretical work can be tricky, and many classrooms prioritise one of these at the expense of the other. This doesn’t allow students to digest both aspects of scientific learning properly.

The Hot Corners concept from Innova Design was designed with an adaptable learning space in mind. It allows the shape of the desk and positioning of the students to be customised to the specific needs of the subject.

Hot Corner’s allows for shorter lines of communication and a more collaborative approach to learning, with the furniture designed so that all students face forwards towards the teacher for theory lessons.

During theoretical learning, the desks, and subsequently the students, are positioned so their attention is focused on the course leader and allowing them an unobstructed view of any demonstrations.

For practical and small group projects, stools are able to be stored away and students work around the Hot Corner shaping of the workbenches. The desks are fully customisable so the numbers and types of gas taps and sinks can be tailored to the specific needs of the institution.

Burnley UTC laboratory

Incorporating Improved Technologies

From table-top tablets to video streaming, improving and affordable technologies can really benefit the students and improve their understanding of the curriculum.

Improved connectivity can help increase the reach of education. This allows easy access to video applications, skype and even apps such as Aurasma which allows teachers to unlock digital content from around the world for students to explore.

Comprehensive internet access in the classroom gives students a broader scope of correct and current information. Rather than relying solely on (possibly outdated) textbooks, students have information at their disposal which can act intuitively and directly address their concerns and questions.

Science is the pursuit of answers, and modern technologies offer students the opportunity to address unanswered questions. This platform of intelligent, state-of-the-art scientific laboratories can help students in UK institutions compete with the very best students in the world.

Hopwood Hall College

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