Creative storage solutions to de-clutter the classroom

Creative storage solutions to de-clutter the classroom

At Innova we offer a range of creative storage solutions to build positive and safe learning environments as well as free up valuable teaching space. From state-of-the-art science laboratories to stimulating technology rooms, ICT suites and libraries – Innova delivers interior solutions which never fail to make an impact.

Our storage solutions are tailored to your requirements.  From tall to wall storage, fitted base to mobile units on castors, all designed to minimise distractions and clutter as well as allow students to fully engage with the task in hand.

Durable, versatile and practical is how we like to describe our space saving solutions.  Whether that’s freestanding classroom storage, mobile or a fitted within benching, Innova has a product for every need.

Product features

As educational furniture suppliers, we provide equipment which is designed and built to last, so it is a real investment compared to cheaper alternatives and will help you realise long term cost savings.

Innova’s in-house manufacturing capabilities and skilled workforce allow us to seamlessly develop a wide selection of durable products, providing genuine value for money.


Carcasses are constructed from high quality Melamine Faced Medium Density Fibreboard (MFMDF), whilst doors are manufactured from Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) in your choice of colours and finishes so you can be confident in the durability and longevity of our products.


Premium quality cast alloy inset or pull handles are supplied as standard across the range. Locks can be fitted for additional security.


We specify 240° heavy duty exposed knuckle hinges so you can open a door as far back as possible with minimal risk of finger entrapment.


From Gratnell trays, open shelving to floor units and teacher walls, our custom-made solutions are tailored to your exact requirements – optimising your space!

Innova can also provide premium quality finishes, giving you the ultimate flexibility to colour co-ordinate your interior, make a strong feature or create a complete statement piece.

Product Ranges

Open storage systems

Designed with versatility in mind our open storage units are perfect for classrooms and offices and come in all shapes and sizes including bookcases, library display units, pigeon hole units- shoe and bag storage, in various depths and heights.  We deliver every type of open storage that you will require now and well into the future.

Cupboard units including tall, wall and under bench storage

Innova also supply a range of free standing and wall mounted cupboards with adjustable or fixed shelving which are ideal for classroom environments, to store equipment, ingredients, glassware and more…….

Cupboards are available in a range of sizes with either a single, double or sliding door.  Optional locks can be fitted for added security.

Bespoke cupboards can be manufactured to order so they can be tailored to fit into any space.  giving you instant access to resources.

Gratnell tray storage

As one of the most popular products in schools, Gratnell tray storage units come in a selection of sizes, designs and colours and you can choose from models constructed to accommodate shallow or deep trays too.

Many science technicians rely on the Gratnell tray to organise their equipment. Open adjustable tray storage accommodating various depths of trays as well special wide trays for long glassware.

Storage drawer units

Drawer units provide easy access with one motion and particulary suitable for storing smaller or irregular shaped items as well as standard documents.  Innova can provide a number of configurations from traditional soft close drawers to built in under bench Gratnell tray units.

Storage for specialist areas

Production facilities, like Art, DT and Music rooms, accommodate many different groups of students using the same space. Without storage for supplies, equipment and in-process projects, the room soon becomes clogged up.

At Innova we manufacture bespoke storage for practical rooms such as drying racks, plan chests to Keyboard storage and mobile bins for craft rooms.

These units are solidly built and very robust.  Made with removable backs and solid drawer bases and can be mounted on castors to allow them to be easily moved as necessary.

Storage or teacher walls

Open plan areas need careful, detailed space planning, zoning is a popular solution. Storage walls use less floor space, allow flexible configurations and can be individually designed from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, maximising the amount of storage space available.

Salford City College Storage Wall shot


The Teacher Wall is the perfect way to house your screen, smartboard or interactive projection, surrounded by shelving and cupboards for essential storage, and with optional Teacher desk and sliding whiteboard doors.

An ultimate storage system for any classroom, which optimises teaching space, de-clutters the classroom and overall helps to improve concentration.

Custom made to any size, shape and colour in a compact and neat design that matches your requirements and fits the available space.


Barton Peverill laboratory teacher wall shot

Transform your classroom with Innova’s modern shelving and storage solutions and improve student concentration.


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