How Smarter Storage can Improve the Learning Experience in Schools

Transform your classroom with Innova’s teacher wall

Thirty years spent listening to the needs of schools and solving their problems provides solid understanding of the challenges in education.

It is this experience that has led the team at Innova Design Group, to create a number of solutions over the years including the “Teacher Wall”, an innovative solution that addresses the common problem of insufficient front of class storage and workable AV Equipment.

Teacher Wall storage at Southlands High School

This multi-purpose storage system is custom made in our in-house manufacturing facility to fit any size and shape of classroom with storage options including shelving, gratnell trays, lockable cupboards, filing and base units. It also houses either an interactive screen or dry wipe white board whilst neatly hiding all cables from view. To help it blend in seamlessly, it is available in a range of colours.


With over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of educational spaces including science laboratories, food and technology classrooms and ICT suites; we believe that just like teachers – quality classrooms are a pillar of educational development.

The most frequent issue we find in school classrooms is the shortage of space to store books and equipment. One of the biggest improvements we make during installations is the streamlining of classrooms by creating smart storage to improve the learning experience.


De-clutter your class, improve student concentration  

Space to store classroom essentials also means that there is less clutter around the room which results in the interactive screen or white board becoming the central focus for pupils, meaning they can concentrate better.

“The Teacher Wall is the answer to many common classroom concerns. One of the most important ways it improves the environment is by increasing safety as it conceals wires that could endanger teachers and pupils, minimising the risk of trips and falls."

Melanie Laing, Director at Innova notes the improvement Teacher Walls make:

“The increased storage also means that students won’t become distracted by any clutter so the quality of their learning is enhanced as they gain focus and improve the teacher-student engagement, a fact that could facilitate an improvement in grades.

“Furthermore, the Teacher Wall enables teachers to make lessons more engaging as they can hide or reveal marks, questions and answers in a more visually stimulating way.”

As Innova has seen many times at many schools, the Teacher Wall has a huge effect on the improvement of learning for students due to the compact design that focusses the concentration of the pupils and improves classroom management for the teachers.


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