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Win – A Day of Spectacular Science Shows for your Students

Do your school science facilities make the grade? Do they give you a platform to inspire pupils and nurture their potential?

Innova Design Group is conducting a fun survey with a serious aim – to build an accurate picture of the quality of school science labs in the UK.

By completing the survey, all science teachers, heads of science, bursars and business managers will be entered into a prize draw to:

Win a day without the stress of lesson planning as Science Made Simple deliver a trio of interactive shows at your school worth up to £650+VAT.

All respondents will also:

  • Receive – a fun illustration that visualises (or perhaps more realistically dramatises) how good or bad your lab is. Believe us – you’ll want to see this! The illustration comes complete with Latin lab classification.
  • Benefit – from being kept in the loop with the results of the survey.

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So please – get involved. You could win a great prize that engages your students with science, while helping us to build a picture of how good, bad or indifferent school science labs are in the UK.


Fab lab or drab lab? Complete our survey here to find out!