Why aren’t we Training Teachers to use Classroom Technology?

A lack of training and planning has led to almost half of school teachers ignoring their provided classroom technology, potentially wasting millions of pounds. Of the 500 teachers polled about technology in the classroom, more than 40% revealed they felt as though they had received insufficient training to effectively implement the provided technology in school lessons.

With £623 million invested in classroom technology in 2015 alone, there could be millions of pounds worth of technology gathering dust in classroom corners as teachers utilise traditional teaching methods. A startling 49.3% of primary and secondary school teachers revealed they ignored the provided technology in a research poll conducted by Instructure, education technology specialists.

A third of teachers used the same poll to express their belief that, when implemented correctly, technology could improve students’ results. This begs the question, why isn’t more being done to ensure that teachers are provided with both the technology and the training to improve the results of the students?

Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, has talked at length of the importance of providing improved technology in the classroom. However, she has maybe overlooked the need for improved training for teachers who are inexperienced with the new technologies.

Focus seems to have been too heavily placed upon headline-grabbing policies such as ensuring every student has access to a tablet, rather than ensuring the technology is implemented in an effective manner.

Instructure maintains that teachers are enthusiastic about the prospect of using new technologies in the classroom, but feel as though they should be implemented with greater thought and care. The group’s director of schools, Samantha Blyth, explained:

“There is clearly no lack of enthusiasm for technology among UK teachers and there is broad support for the principle that it improves learning. The problem is that systems have tended to be imposed from the ‘top down’ and can’t be shaped by the teacher to suit their own style, or indeed the particular needs of their students.”

“We now have the sophistication to do away with some of the problems that have dogged teachers in the past… but teachers still need systems that are easy to use and the training to make that happen.”

The Government has pledged to improve the training standards for teachers trying to adopt new technologies in the classroom.

A Department of Education spokesperson said: “Technology can have an important place in the classroom and play a vital role in preparing young people to succeed in a fast-changing world. We have provided £3m via the British Computer Society to build a national network of more than 400 ‘master teachers’ to provide training in computer science.”

However, with teachers working upwards of 63.3 hours a week, it is unclear when and how this training will be offered.

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