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Inspiring Success – Interiors

Time and money is constantly spent on the design and structure of school buildings. Whilst an impressive exterior is very attractive to the general public, it is the classroom that is fundamental to learning. One company is scratching below the surface to ask the question: ‘what about learning?’ With their extensive experience in the education sector, Innova Design recognise the importance of the classroom and believe that furniture is one of the building blocks of quality learning environments.

Countless studies have shown that children learn best from a wide-range of teaching methods, in a spacious and comfortable environment. Advances in technology and a new emphasis placed on a range of learning techniques means that all classrooms should be flexible and allow for differing equipment to be used and stored easily, causing minimum disruption.

Southlands high School Science Lesson

School interior specialists, Innova have created hundreds of specialised classrooms; from laboratoriesIT suites and tiered auditoriums, to break out areaslibraries and cyber cafes. All of Innova’s furniture installations are purpose built and designed to last.

The comfort and safety of the students is another important aspect that the company hold close to their hearts. All of Innova’s furniture is designed to encourage good habits such as a healthy posture, whilst evoking a positive work ethic. The significance in features such as display areas is also recognised, in an attempt to ignite interest and encourage maximum absorption of the subject. 

The inspirational nature of Innova’s designs is what makes the difference, providing not just the students, but the teachers too, with the best possible working environment. Whatever the budget, Innova aims to deliver flexible and functional spaces with a ‘wow’ factor. Impressive spaces give the students a sense of importance, which in turn works to increase productivity and inspire creativity- an effect guaranteed to boost results!



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