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Art & Design

Practical and stimulating Arts and Craft interiors with harmonious and clutter free environments...

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Breakout Spaces

Flexible, multi-functional work or social spaces which can be reconfigured quickly and easily

Commercial-Laboratories Learn More

Commercial Laboratories

Productive, sustainable commercial laboratory environments designed to improve workflow

Design Technology Benching at Heolddu Comprehensive School Learn More

Design & Technology

Durable, flexible, multi-functional and safe technology focused environments.

Southlands High School dining room furniture Learn More

Dining Rooms

Appealing Café/Bistro style, hygienic environments to relax, dine and socialise

Nottingham High School Food & Nutrition Room Learn More

Food & Nutrition

Eye catching, practical, safe Food & Nutrition (food technology) rooms, to motivate learning

Classroom Furniture at Vision West Nottinghamshire College Learn More

General Classrooms

Classroom furniture solutions to accommodate a wide range of teaching and learning styles

ICT Benching at Southlands High School Learn More

ICT Suites

Accessible, ergonomic, low-maintenance ICT suites to keep pace with learning technologies

school science laboratory Learn More

Laboratory & Prep Rooms

State-of-the-art, flexible laboratories to engage students and accommodate different teaching styles

Umston Grammar School lecture theatre Learn More

Lecture Theatre

Lecture theatres designed to stimulate concentration and interaction with clear sight lines

Library Furniture at Abertillery Comprehensive School Learn More

Libraries & Media

Learning commons libraries, flexible and adaptable to the needs of individuals and groups

Music classroom installation at Southlands High School Learn More

Music & Drama

Creative furniture and storage solutions to engage students and let their talent shine

Southlands-High-School-Office-Furniture Learn More


Workplace environments to increase productivity, accommodate more staff and promote well-being

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Reception & Waiting

Professional and welcoming reception/waiting areas designed to create the right first impression

Ford Car Showroom Interiors Learn More


High quality retail showroom furniture designed to enhance the customer experience

Southlands-Staffroom-furniture Learn More


Comfortable, practical staffrooms designed for educators to work, meet and take a break...

School-Toilet-Cubicles Learn More


Welcoming washrooms and IPS panel systems to promote cleanliness and good hygiene