Inspiring, dynamic and flexible learning spaces.

Contemporary, high quality and spacious, the science laboratories, food technology and design technology rooms at Dulwich Prep School deliver an education environment to match the school’s ethos of ambition and excellence.

"We would certainly recommend Innova again and ask them not to change their approach to a project in anyway."

Phil Ward, Architect

The Brief

As part of plans to improve its science and technology facilities, historic preparatory school Dulwich Prep London wanted to create a new build extension to sit between two existing buildings.

Working with architects Lee Evans Partnership and building contractors Quinn London, Innova designed science laboratories, food technology rooms, design technology rooms and support facilities to match the school’s high standards.

The Solution

Tasked with creating three dedicated science labs, a science prep room, an office and a chemical store, Innova created a modern, light and spacious feel with cutting edge design by adapting its unique Hot Corners concept to the main lab classrooms. Offering practical and theory spaces on the same work bench, Hot Corners provided a flexible layout ideally suited to today’s collaborative teaching methods.

Clever design was essential to maximise safe, robust storage and provide staff with desk space for marking and lesson preparation. A rolling storage system was installed in the prep room, offering technicians greater capacity to store lab equipment.  A separate chemical store room was fitted with Spur shelving racks with Trespa compact grade shelves with front edge to prevent spills and breaks.

Flexible workbenches and fixed positions for wood working machinery have been installed in the Design and Technology space, with moveable units and under bench gratnell racks providing storage for equipment, tools and student projects.The rooms were designed to accommodate both practical and theory, ensuring sufficient circulatory space to meet health and safety standards.

In the food technology room a stylish monochrome colour scheme has created a professional, ‘grown up’ feel. Integrated hobs and ‘pop up’ plug sockets on work benches give students space for practicals and keep surfaces clutter-free for theory sessions. Cupboard space around a teacher wall and under oven units ensures ingredients and equipment can be safely stored away.

High quality, easy to maintain materials such as Velstone solid surface were used to guarantee the longevity and good looks of the labs and create the high-end, modern yet timeless feel Dulwich wanted to convey in its new science department.


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