State-of-the-art facilities to attract STEM students

Barton Peveril sixth form is the 7th largest in the UK with more than 3,000 students enrolled. With an ongoing commitment to invest in first class teaching facilities, the college set about the creation of a cutting-edge new build £5 million science centre.

The Brief

The aim was to create contemporary, high-quality science laboratories and preparation rooms to give teachers facilities that inspire – and student’s tools to excel in STEM subjects.

Liaising closely with key stakeholders at the college, interior specialists Innova created nine bespoke science laboratories and three preparation rooms and provided the college with a part-turnkey solution from design,  manufacture and installation of furniture to second-fix M&E and utilities.

"We are confident that this will inspire other young people to study STEM subjects with us, which is a vital part of the local plan for generating wealth and opportunity."

Jonathan Prest , Principal

The Solution

Working closely with the team at Barton Peveril, versatility and functionality were identified as a huge priority.

To meet this need, Innova designed and installed flexible learning environments that incorporate great circulation space and a cleverly designed layout so they work both as inspiring classrooms and practical laboratories. With services located on the front face of the units, the layout ensures students have sufficient room for both practical and theory and are able to switch quickly between the two.

Space and storage were also a key specification. So to seamlessly integrate teaching resources such as whiteboards and screens, Innova’s Teacher Walls were installed along with open shelving for books and bags.

"I’m studying chemistry, physics and further maths so having brand new science labs is just brilliant. I’m hoping that working with the best facilities now will help with my aim of studying at the University of Cambridge."


Large open plan preparation rooms further provide a spacious environment for lesson preparation and storage. A central preparation desk also gives technicians a clutter-free space to set up practical sessions.

Velstone was selected for the worktops to provide longevity as well as the added benefit of being resistant to the more aggressive chemicals used at an FE level, guaranteeing that the labs will continue to inspire well into the future.

The Sixth Form College are confident the new state-of-the-art facilities will attract more students to study STEM subjects and better prepare them for fulfilling careers in their chosen field.



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