Curved Reception Desk to Welcome Visitors

Aintree University Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Liverpool providing Accident & Emergency services and a wide range of acute and non-acute specialities. The entrance and reception area is the first aspect of a hospital building that most users encounter and is also the natural hub of the hospital.

The Brief

Innova’s brief was to create an inspirational, functional reception desk ensuring patients and visitors felt welcome.

The Solution

Innova developed an elliptical design with integral services and storage, incorporating generous DDA provision as well as privacy screens to maintain patient confidentiality.

  • The striking mono-chrome scheme was chosen to create a contemporary yet clean looking environment.
  • A unique elliptical counter was designed and fabricated in three complimentary colours of Corian to ensure maximum design versatility.
  • Solid surface materials were also selected to provide a non-porous surface that does not harbour dirt, absorb moisture or support microbial growth as well as being easy to clean and maintain – perfect hygienic environment for hospitals.
  • Integrated concealed service containment, allowed power, data, alarm and security cabling to be housed within the main body of the reception desk
  • Low level flexible storage was installed, providing easy access to records and information.


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