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Redbridge College; Week 2

As we complete the second week of refurbishment at Redbridge College, our main man on the ground, David Baguley gives us an update and a low-down on the progress so far.

Redbridge College’s aspirations are to offer the very best facilities for their science courses. Innova have been appointed to convert two former offices into a large science lab, creating more space for practical science classes at the college.

Here’s how the project has developed so far in week two:

First Fix Completion

All drainage, water supply pipe work, electrical cabling and gas pipe work were installed into separate trenches outlined in last week’s article, ensuring that they ran to the correct source and ended at the student benching. Once completed, the trenches were then filled in with concrete, levelled and left to dry ahead of the flooring installation.

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Flooring Installation

One coat of latex screed was applied after the concrete had dried to level out any imperfections that may have occurred and left to dry for 24 hours. Polysafe slip resistant safety flooring (2mm) was then layed. As the seams and plane were then welded flat and a 3mm bead of clear silicone was applied to the perimeter areas.

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Final Thoughts

The project is starting to come together and look really good, it’s been a busy week for me and the team but everything is running smoothly and to schedule, so the energy on site is high!

Next week- on with the furniture delivery, installation and the finishing touches!


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