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Redbridge College, East London; Week 1

Redbridge College specialise in providing a range of vocational, science and higher education courses for young people and adults. In order to continue to offer the very best facilities Innova were appointed to help solve their challenge of creating more space for practical sessions by converting two former general offices into an inspirational laboratory.

Over the course of the next three weeks, our team of experts will be busy transforming these two previous offices into a fully functional teaching laboratory at Redbridge College.

Innova’s man on the ground Installation Manager, David Baguley, will keep you updated on the progress of the conversion to an inspirational laboratory.

Ready, Steady, GO!

One of the most important elements of any construction project is the six weeks leading to the first day onsite – the planning phase!

During this period, the Innova team carried out a number of tasks including scheduling of key dates, site specific resource planning plus introductions, design review and updates. He will also conduct a detailed onsite survey to plan entry and egress routes, checked the main service locations and planned the service supply and capacity, complete a construction phase plan, health and safety assessment for site specific RAMS and prepare a Health and Safety file.

Having completed the planning stage we now move onto site to lay the foundations.

Rip Out

The first few days of the project on site are very fast paced and numerous changes can occur in a very short timescale – the time when a fully furnished space becomes a building site!  Our site team now gets stuck in with a full rip out of the old offices step by step:

  • Check all existing services for loading pressures and isolate all services within the room.
  • Rip out all existing furniture and place into skip
  • Rip out all existing flooring and place into skip
  • Remove dividing wall, ensuring that the correct measurements are being taken and the ‘load’ of the divide has been surveyed before deconstructing.
  • Any redundant cabling and piping remove and isolate in accordance to regulations
  • Floor trenching – mark out using M&E drawings for the new positions for gas, water and electrics
  • Create floor trenches using petrol powered grinder with diamond tip blade.

Everything is going to plan and our installation team now have a blank canvas to start the next phase.

Stay tuned to next week as David Baguley updates us on the progress during week two of the Laboratory installation at Redbridge College.

Week 1 Installation vs 2 for blog


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