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The Afon Taf Diaries Part 3 – The handover is in sight!

In part 3 of the Afon Taf Diaries, our sales manager, Rob Stone, presents the latest update from the redevelopment of Afon Taf High School in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Innova has successfully installed the furniture and the classrooms are now ready for completion by the contractor, Interserve. This week we bring you footage from a science lab and food technology room where Rob takes you on a guided tour of the classrooms and their individual layouts.

Friday 7rd August 2015:

Food Technology Room:

  • With the built-in appliances now in place and all the sinks plumbed in, this room is certainly ready to welcome Merthyr’s budding ‘Master Chef’ contestants.
  • We’ve fitted a mixture of gas and electric cookers to give the pupils experience of working with different appliances.
  • The Lever  Monobloc tap allows the pupil to operate the sink area with greasy, floury hands.
  • 180° hinges were used to ensure the base unit doors open fully, so pupils don’t inadvertently collide with an open door.
  • The stainless steel appliances combined with Trespa worktops all make for an easy to maintain,  21st Century Food Technology Room

I.T. 2:

  • Our  sawtooth furniture design was inspired by telephone booths at Berlin Airport!
  • Like the phone booths, the angled sawtooth formation is designed to maximise space, creating more elbow-room for students by increasing the amount of individual workspace.
  • Built-under CPU units will free up the desks, giving pupils plenty of room for text books alongside each PC.
  • The contrast of white work surfaces and the dark grey carpet makes an easier distinction for visually impaired pupils.

Science Prep Room:

  • The generous space allocated for this area is amazing and can be easily shared by multiple technicians.
  • A  large island prep table creates an additional work surface for preparing equipment and chemicals.
  • We use quality fittings in all our furniture to offer longevity in any environment.
  • The offset storage room with Trespa shelves makes this space the envy of any science technician.


  • We’ve created a functional layout with sawtooth benching.
  • The knee spaces have been fully lined to conceal any unattractive pipes.
  • Once again, the Trespa work tops and up-stand will offer a strong solution for the most industrial of environments, ensuring an attractive finish that is built to last.


Keep tuning in for more updates from Rob! And if you missed it, take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 of our Afon Taf diary series.