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The Afon Taf Diaries Part 2: The classrooms are beginning to take shape

Progress continues! In part 2 of the Afon Taf Diaries, our sales manager, Rob Stone, brings you the latest update from the redevelopment of Afon Taf High School in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Unit installation in the lab is progressing nicely, whilst the ICT suite is crying out for computers and the art room (minus a window!) ready for furniture install next week. These classrooms will soon be a learning haven for students and teachers – we promise!

Friday 3rd July 2015:

Art 1:

  • All furniture manufactured, delivered and in the room ready for installation.
  • Our team of installers are planning to fit out this room next week
  • The solid grade laminate work surfaces will be capable of handling everything that our budding young artists can throw at it.

I.T. Suite 5:

  • Colour scheme was developed with a minimum of 30% tone difference between the work surfaces and the flooring, helping visually impaired end users to identify these elements easily.
  • Other than completion of fitting and final touches, this room is pretty much good to go.

Lab 5:

  • I’ve revisited Lab 5 for this week’s blog as I was really excited to show you the progress.
  • Plenty of storage has been incorporated, to keep the work surfaces clutter free and the students focused.
  •  Conversion from practical to theory is easily achieved without the need to reconfigure the furniture.
  • The teacher not only has a fully equipped demonstration area, but is also spoiled by having their own dedicated base.
  • “But where are the Gratnell strorage trays”? I hear you say. They’re neatly contained behind base unit doors. Offering the user a minimalist, streamlined space to work in.
  • We have once again created an interior, that we hope will inspire the student to learn more.

Food Technology and Engineering:

  • I’ll save my blog for next time for these 2 rooms. They’re scheduled to be fitted out a little further down the programme, Watch this space!


Keep tuning in for more updates from Rob! And if you missed it, take a look at part 1 of our Afon Taf diary series here.