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Improved Learning Spaces Can Surprise Everyone … Even the Teachers!

When it comes to teaching and learning, practical subjects require practical spaces that let staff and students get hands on – whether it’s creating tantalising dishes in food technology, carrying out experiments in science or making new discoveries in engineering.

Teachers often adjust their teaching style to suit their learning space, so the opportunity to work in a classroom refurbished or built to meet their specific needs can be a transformative experience.

Innova has been re-visiting a number of schools and colleges we have previously worked with to find out how the refurbishments have impacted teaching and learning.

One such teacher was Hardeep Mattu, a science teacher at Shireland Collegiate Academy, who told us how  the refurbishment has changed his approach to teaching and delivered an impact that goes way beyond the wow factor.

“As a teacher you get used to adapting the way you teach to the room you’re teaching in. Our old science lab was functional, but far from ideal: whilst it was fine for carrying out a general science theory lesson, when it came to practical work it was very difficult.”

Like many teachers, Mr Mattu made the most of the classroom in which he worked and whilst it was functional, it no longer met the needs of 21st century learning.

“If someone had told me what a difference refurbishing a science lab would make to my teaching and to the students’ learning, I’d never have believed them. You always think ‘how much difference can a refurbishment really make?’ but the truth is the classroom Innova Design Group created for us has had a huge impact on the way I’m able to teach and the way the students approach their work.”

Improving the learning environment not only has a positive impact on the teachers but also benefits the students too. Mr Mattu noted a very distinct improvement in standards and work ethic from his students when the new classroom design was introduced.

“Perhaps the biggest difference the refurbishment has made is in attitude: the new lab makes students want to do science – they really look forward to practicals and some students have even told me the improvement in facilities helped them make the decision to study science subjects when they moved from GCSE to A Level.”

“It’s made students much more confident in their own abilities to carry out practicals and has given us as teachers more confidence in planning and coordinating practical work, knowing both we and the students have the facilities to achieve what we want to in a space that really works for us and inspires us.”

A classroom which helps support the needs of both the teachers and the students will inevitably lead to a far more progressive learning environment – helping everybody improve and fulfil their potential.

The chance to create a space that truly works for and benefits you and your students is a valuable one. If you are looking to transform your learning environment, Innova Design Group can help you every step of the way. From designing the layout of the classroom to the manufacture and installation of high quality furniture; the Innova team can help make your dream classroom a reality.

VIDEO: Interiors to Inspire Science

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Can a new classroom really make a difference to teaching and learning?

That’s the question we’ve been asking as we revisit the schools we’ve previously worked with.

Take a look to find out how the refurbishment of a science laboratory at Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick, West Midlands has transformed attitudes for students and staff alike.


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