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GCSE & A-Level students prioritising Maths & Science

Exams regulator, Ofqual, has revealed that more GCSE and A-Level students are pursuing qualifications in maths and the sciences than ever, deeming these to be better ‘currency’ for getting into elite universities. This ever-increasing demand for university places, and a Government push to encourage subjects such as chemistry and physics, has led to record numbers of students in maths and science classrooms.

Pupils Carrying Out Experiment In Science Class

This news demonstrates the importance of ensuring maths and science departments and facilities are of the highest quality in schools and colleges to improve chances of attracting the very best and most ambitious of students. As competition for college and university places continue to grow more fierce, parents and students may consider maths and science facilities to be a deciding factor when choosing a secondary school.

Glenys Stacey, the chief regulator, said: “The subjects that are proving to be more popular this year are the traditional subjects. We have seen modest increases in the sciences and, I suppose, what Russell Group universities would call ‘facilitating subjects’.”

These ‘facilitating subjects’ are the core subjects required by the top universities and academic institutions in the UK. These traditionally include English literature, maths, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, history and languages.

Southlands high School Science Lesson

This increase has led to fewer students enrolling in subjects which may be considered ‘flaky’ by some groups. Stacy continued: “There’s been a drop-off in subjects that have never been high-volume subjects anyway, and there are one or two noticeable subjects that have dropped, for example GCSE citizenship studies where we’ve seen a 50 per cent drop in take-up.”

Unsurprisingly, the Russell Group have received this news warmly. Director general, Dr Wendy Piatt, enthuses:  “The increase in the number of students taking facilitating subjects at A-level is welcome news. These subjects are required more often than others for degree courses at our universities. The Russell Group has made concerted efforts over the last few years to spread the message about the importance of facilitating subjects.”

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