An Interview with Kathryn Bradshaw, Business Manager at Brine Leas

Innova has been working with Brine Leas School on a number of interior refurbishment projects, creating engaging and inspirational learning spaces during term time. Having completed the latest full turnkey, Food Technology renovation, we interviewed Kathryn Bradshaw (K.B), Business Manager at the school to review how teaching staff and students are experiencing their new state-of-the-art  food technology room.

Innova: What were the school’s aspirations and targets for the food technology refurbishment?

K.B: Here at Brine Leas, we wanted to target all Level 3 ‘A’ level students and to meet the increase in demand for the subject, providing a high quality, engaging environment with the ability to broaden the curriculum, as well as increase the uptake on our community education programme.

Innova: How was the refit of the FT rooms funded?

K.B: The Savoy Educational Trust and our Own Charity ‘The Brine Leas Trust’

Innova: What were the limitations of teaching and learning in the previous FT room?

K.B: We could not fit two classes in the existing spaces and found it difficult to accommodate all students.

Innova: How easy was it to work in the room prior to the refurbishment?

K.B: Prior to the refurbishment it was very difficult; visibility was an issue and not enough stations were available which restricted the level of practical’s that could take place. 

Innova: What were your challenges and obstacles around Food Tech previously?

K.B: Previously we had difficulty with the number of work stations available for students to carry out their project work.  Having the overall visibility of the students at any one time proved difficult and was a major challenge for the teaching staff.

Innova: How many students could be taught in the room? How many can be taught now?

K.B: Before the refurbishment the room could only accommodate 25 students but since the refurbishment we have been able to increase this to 50, which really helps towards the numbers of practical sessions that can take place.

Innova: What would you say are the main features of the classroom now?

K.B: The main features would have to be the fit for purpose spaces, wow factor and lovely learning environment.

Innova: How has the layout improved the quality of engagement between student and teacher? Room circulation, student attitude and focus on learning?

K.B: The layout is better for circulation and as a result, engagement. Students appear to be more focused and the number of practical lessons has doubled.  Following the refurbishment the teachers now have full visibility of all the students when cooking.

Innova: How well have the new interiors been received by staff and students?

K.B: Very well, everyone is really pleased with the interior!


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