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Food Technology in Primary Schools

Southam College - Food Technology classroom

Improving Skills

Currently, most primary schools in the UK do not offer sufficient food technology lessons for their students. This has led to a low level of culinary ability and very limited skills. Introducing children to food technology three years before they join secondary schools can significantly increase their skill range and help develop a greater understanding.

These curriculum changes have been welcomed by health experts, who are concerned children growing up with a limited understanding of food are more prone to childhood-obesity and diabetes. With one in three children in UK now overweight by the age of nine, the Government is making a concerted effort to improve the nutritional understanding and culinary skillsets of primary school kids.

The NHS is currently spending £6billion a year tackling diet-related diseases, which are largely attributed to a poor knowledge of nutrition in adults and children.

Increased Safety

There are a number of hazards for children in the kitchen that can be avoided when good practices are instilled in them. From understanding the dangers of sharp knives to the importance of thoroughly cleaning surfaces, teaching children culinary skills can help keep children safe when they are in the kitchen.

Understanding the Source

Pre-packaged, indistinguishable foods full of unnatural ingredients have served to warp children’s understanding of the sources of their food. Greater education of food preparation could help future generations undertake more responsibility for ethical food sourcing and production. This can improve sustainability and help children observe a healthier diet throughout their childhood and adult life.

Instilling good practices in children early is important as it helps them develop healthy preferences focussed on sustainability and nutrition. A practical AND theoretical understanding of the issue will give them a better rounded knowledge of the issue and encourage them to appreciate food actively rather than passively.

Implementing a Healthy Learning Environment

One of the key battles is instilling a passion in children to observe a healthy, balanced diet. Encouraging children to be an active party in improving their nutritional intake will lead to greater, prolonged success.

The food technology classrooms in primary schools need to be effective and enjoyable places of learning that allow children to acquire new skills in a positive and safe atmosphere. At Innova Design Group, we can design and provide bespoke classrooms, built around the needs of the children and the school.

Our innovative classrooms can be adapted to both practical and theoretical learning, helping children understand both sides of the incoming food technology curriculum with greater clarity and enthusiasm.

Take a look at this case study from Southlands High School, where Innova Design Group created a stimulating food technology space.