The Science behind the perfect Learning Space

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With pressure to make every penny count on every school renovation project, we have developed a guide to creating the perfect lab for learning.

Despite the government placing a huge emphasis on STEM subjects, slashes to school capital funding have seriously impacted progress and huge gaps still exist in the quality of UK secondary science labs.

To find out about the size and nature of these gaps, the team at Innova recently conducted a survey of the sector and found labs to be overwhelmingly unsuitable, low tech and unfit to inspire.

In light of this, and having deconstructed the ingredients of the perfect science lab for our survey, we have compiled a guide containing the essential ingredients for creating the very best scientific learning environment to help educators, specifiers and designers.


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Whether you’re looking to dissect dissatisfactory science labs, filter out the spam in your ICT suites, or achieve a Hollywood handshake for your food technology classrooms – our experience in educational interior design, in-house manufacturing and expert installation will transform your learning environment.

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If you would like to request a free consultation and design, simply call 0161 477 5300, visit our website or email us here


If you would like to request a free consultation and design, simply call 0161 477 5300 or email us here.