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Stockport Grammar School reveal state-of-the-art Chemistry Lab

Stockport Grammar School has unveiled a brand new state-of-the-art chemistry lab that has been designed, manufactured and installed by Stockport interior specialists, Innova Design Group.

The old lab has been completely overhauled and now features a ‘Wing’ layout, which supports a flexible environment for both theory and practical work. Every pupil faces the front of the room, the teacher can circulate freely, providing a more collaborative approach to learning.


The installation took place over the summer holidays to ensure no disruption to students and teachers.

Melanie Laing, director at Innova said: “Stockport Grammar School already boasts an excellent reputation and dedicated staff, however to encourage lesson engagement further, and to give teachers and pupils the facilities they deserve, an upgrade was needed for this particular chemistry classroom.

“By working closely with the school and prioritising the needs of both the students and teachers using the classroom, we were able to design a cutting-edge chemistry lab that users can take pride in and enjoy using.”


The Chemistry lab has been reconfigured with the teacher positioned along the long wall, which shortens the lines of communication and provides easier classroom management. With services located on the front face of the units, theory space is optimised but gas and electric is still easily accessible. The new layout ensures students are able to switch quickly between both practical and theory lessons.

Installation of a space saving teacher wall, which houses both an interactive white board and dry wipe white boards, with multiple storage options helps to de-clutter the front of class and maximise concentration.


Dr Annie Glarvey, head of chemistry at Stockport Grammar School said: “Before the redesign, the configuration of the room meant that engagement levels were dictated by where students sat. Often, pupils at the back of the room found it harder to see and hear the teacher, whereas students at the front of the lab had no difficulties and therefore found it easier to concentrate.

Teaching also became a challenge as the lab was hard to navigate. Now with the newly installed desks the flow of the room is much better and students can move around freely during practical lessons.

Teachers now also have a full view of all students, which has improved student engagement significantly.”


Andrew Chicken, Headmaster at Stockport Grammar School said of the new lab: “It was important to us to ensure our chemistry lab would inspire and motivate pupils to enjoy their learning and thrive in the subject.

“Innova provided the best plan and design options, which provided us with confidence that they would also fulfil on the delivery of the innovative new chemistry classroom.

“It’s pleasing to see staff and students enjoy a lab that not only looks fantastic, but also ensures the quality of teaching and the students’ learning experience is significantly enhanced.”


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