Independent Schools: stay ahead of the competition with impressive interiors

The council confirmed that the number of pupils at its schools is now at the highest level it has been since 1974 – from 310,975 to 522,879, 2017. The rise is partly due to an increase in the number of international students from wealthy families – from 4.4 per cent of pupils to 5.3 per cent (27,211) over the last 30 years and more parents can now afford the fees to educate their children privately.

In times of economic uncertainty with young people facing a tougher jobs market than ever, parents are responding by investing money in their children’s secondary education in order to make sure that they get the top grades that leading universities now demand.


ISC Independent school roll call stats 2017

With increasing student numbers how do Independent schools continue to stay ahead of the competition, focus on the need of individual pupils, maintain smaller class sizes and provide great learning environments for the student to excel in?

At Innova we can help you develop, flexible cutting edge interiors that creates a ‘WOW’ factor for any parents / grandparents attending open days but more to the point, the next generation of students.

Over the years we have worked with many Independent and Grammar Schools delivering environments that are safe, practical and impressive, read more about how Innova has enhanced the learning environments for a number of private schools:


Heading school science laboratory pod layouts

Headington School: Science is a key strength at Headington School and whilst the science building had been recently constructed fairly recently, the labs no longer met the needs of modern teaching and learning methods. Innova provided a full turnkey solution which includes design, manufacture and installation of furniture for their Chemistry and Biology labs and prep rooms.

To help Headington further maximise the space available in each lab, both perimeter benching and the work benches were fitted with storage, providing students with instant access to equipment when preparing for practical science experiments. Click here to read the full case study.


manchester high school for girls biology lab

Manchester High School for Girls: From out-dated to state-of-the-art, Innova worked closely with the staff at Manchester High School for Girls to create dedicated contemporary laboratories  for Physics and Biology, which really work for students and teachers – maximising space, improving circulation and increasing flexibility for practical work.  Click to read the full case study here.


trent college science laboratory image

Trent College: The schools Science laboratories were in need of modernisation, ageing wooden furniture arranged in a traditional long bench layout and lack of storage gave an uninspiring feel of the spaces and did not meet the school’s vision in providing first class facilities.

To read the full case study click here.


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