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Manchester High School for Girls – Laboratory refurbishment

Laboratory refurbishment

Founded in 1874, Manchester High School for Girls is an independent school which provides education to around 900 girls aged 4 to 18. As one of the best girls’ schools in the country, Manchester High were looking to bring two laboratories up-to-date, ensuring they continue to offer the very best facilities for students.

The Brief

With the existing biology and physics laboratories in need of redevelopment to meet the demands of modern teaching and learning methods, Manchester High sought to complete the renovation of their science department to provide a cutting edge learning environment for the school’s budding scientists.

The existing laboratories were in need of modernisation to reflect the new syllabus and changes in teaching and learning styles. With benches aligned in rows and some students obliged to sit with their backs to the teacher, the layout restricted visibility and circulation – making even the most simple experiment a difficult task.

"From old-fashioned to state-of-the-art ... Innova delivered what we were looking for."

John Moran, Bursar

Manchester High had historically used multi-use physics, biology and chemistry labs, but for the first time in their 141 year history wanted to develop flagship laboratories for individual science subjects.

Innova’s brief was to create a dedicated physics and biology lab to be the hub of the science department and a showcase to match the school’s ethos of ambition and excellence.

VIDEO: Manchester High School for Girls Laboratory Refurbishment

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Watch our team in action as the timelapse video follows the transformation of the laboratories, from design and manufacture to rip out and installation.

The Solution

From out-dated to state-of-the-art, Innova worked closely with staff at the school to create contemporary laboratories which really work for students and teachers – maximising space, improving circulation and increasing flexibility for practical work.

Innova provided a full turnkey solution, including design, manufacture and installation of all furniture as well as M&E works and flooring. The biology laboratory was designed with a curved centre floor layout to allow students to sit comfortably and safely when conducting both written and practical work. With gas and electricity located on the front face of the desks, the layout maximises desk space, allowing sufficient room for both practical and theory lessons.

The physics laboratory was designed with science pods to allow students to work in groups and tables to be re-configured around fixed service units. With new developments in the syllabus meaning more practical skills are assessed in the classroom, this layout enables the school to cater for formal assessment as well as team working and investigative challenges. Innova removed redundant gas and water services from the lab and instead focused on improving the positioning of electric outlets to better suit the physics syllabus.

High quality, easy to maintain materials such as Trespa TopLab were used to guarantee the longevity and create the high-end, modern yet timeless feel Manchester High wanted to convey in its new science department.


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