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Classroom Design Matters

Classroom Design Ideas

The year-long pilot tested 34 different learning environments, taking into account classroom orientation, natural light, acoustics, temperature and air quality. Further variables such as flexibility of space, organisation, storage facilities and use of colour were also revealed to affect a pupil’s learning progress. These statistics underline the importance of good classroom design and why schools and industry need to take a more holistic approach when planning new-builds or major refurbishments projects. It’s absolutely integral, not just to pupils’ performance but also their general well-being.

A variety of factors need to be considered, ideally right at the start of the planning process:

  • the size of the space (class sizes are growing)
  • the lighting
  • the temperature
  • the colour of the room
  • the acoustics
  • the air quality
  • the choice of furniture
All of these elements play a major part in making a space that not only works for its users, but is also a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn. The comfort and well-being of students is of paramount importance and that should be reflected in 21st century classroom design. Choosing the right furniture, which is designed to encourage good habits such as a healthy posture, has therefore become more important than ever. At Innova Design Group, we advocate the use of ergonomically designed stools in our science labs, for instance, because they are designed to inhibit slouching and rocking.

We also favour saw-tooth benching in our ICT spaces because this provides more elbow room for students, and we’ve developed a fixed bench laboratory design which ensures maximum space for students and circulation space for teachers.


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