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Giggleswick School – Laboratory refurbishment

Laboratory refurbishment

Set in the picturesque countryside of North Yorkshire, Giggleswick School has a history stretching back to the 16th century. Founded in 1512, the school moved to its current site in the 1860s and includes buildings dating back 140 years.

The Brief

As part of a large scale plan to redevelop and upgrade their facilities, the school was looking to invest in a new science laboratory to provide pupils with a state of the art environment in which to pursue their studies.

Space was the key factor to creating a classroom that would really work at Giggleswick. The school wanted a science laboratory that would allow a class of 24 students to conduct a broad range of practical and theoretical lessons but also have sufficient space for books and equipment.

At 600mm deep, the existing workbenches were inadequate to accommodate practical work, and were constantly cluttered with books and equipment.

"Innova provided a well-considered design and were thoroughly professional and hardworking on site."

James Halton, Properties Manager

Perimeter benching was also required to create a holding area for equipment to be set out prior to practical work and to be stored ahead of its return to the prep rooms.

The Solution

Working closely with staff and students at the school, education interiors specialists Innova Design Group created a lab that maximised space and minimised clutter, yet still gave staff and students the room to circulate easily and move quickly from theory to practical.

To aid practical work additional gas taps and power sockets were installed on centre floor benches, along with sinks, creating defined areas for students to conduct experimentation and mimimising the time spent moving around the classroom  – allowing students to focus on the task in hand.

"We’re very pleased with the results and looking forward to the students benefitting from the new facility.”

James Halton, Properties Manager

To further increase space on work surfaces and to reduce distractions for students, services were positioned on the front face of benches.

Pop up sockets were fitted as a space saving solution, with under counter storage along the length of the central work stations and beneath perimeter benching. High level units with glazed doors provided an attractive additional space to store books and equipment.

A demonstration area was also installed at the front of the class to give the students a clear view when observing teacher led practicals.

Providing the school with a full turnkey solution from design and manufacture to installation, Innova designed a layout featuring a series of fixed, centre floor linear benches with 900mm deep worktops to give students space to carry out theory and practical sessions comfortably. With services located on the front face of the units, the layout maximises desk space, allowing sufficient room for both practical and theory lessons.

Giggleswick wanted their lab to look and feel contemporary, yet be in keeping with the historical building it was housed in. In response Innova devised a neutral colour scheme for cupboards and work surfaces, highlighted with accent edging, giving the new lab an appearance which is bright, modern yet in harmony with its surroundings and the corporate school feel.

To guarantee a lab able to endure the demands of generations of students, hard working, durable Trespa Toplab Base work tops were fitted, giving Giggleswick a stimulating learning environment that will continue to inspire young scientists well into the future.


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