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New recruit at Innova wins award …


The Brief

Shaun was presented with the challenge, along with 12 other Salford University students, to design a newsroom studio for Salford News Network. The design had to accommodate a desk for two presenters, with an option to seat guests either side, as well as a soft seating or presentation area. As with many projects, the studio had a number of limitations such as a structural column situated at the end of the room and glazed windows.

Shaun explains “After I heard the news of the panel’s decision, I was thrilled to have been chosen and very grateful for the opportunity. I decided that my design would have two main areas, firstly a desk area which would house two presenters and guests and secondly, a practical stand up presenting area. I felt a vibrant, dramatic space was required within the set to create a fun yet professional news broadcast.”


The Construction

Over the next project stage, Shaun worked on rationalising his proposal in order to create a fully functional and practical design. Using an interactive design process and working with contractors and industry professionals to discuss materials, colours and lighting; Shaun’s design was brought from concept to reality.



The Design

From vivid red accents contrasted against a clean white backdrop to creative lighting and graphics, the overall design embodies the liveliness of a newsroom studio whilst staying true to the Universities corporate identity.

Designer, Shaun comments, ‘The professional qualities contrasting with the vibrancy makes the space fun and lively but most importantly functional. I am delighted that the news set is going to assist and support a board range of journalism students.” The set is now a live broadcasting studio in the heart of Media City.

Shaun’s valuable design skills have been an asset to Innova. Working on a variety of projects, from IT suites to offices – Shaun has created both functional yet inspirational spaces for our clients.




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