How to get Students involved in World Book Day


Here we offer a few tips to help you get your students involved in World Book Day:

Increased Resources

In partnership with schools throughout the UK, the World Book Day organiser are distributing 14 million books throughout the county for just £1 apiece as part of the £1 books scheme. With books for children from two years old and upwards, the scheme includes time-honoured favourites which have kept students reading for generations.  From pre-school books such as Elmer’s Parade to novels aimed at young adults, all school students are accommodated and catered for by the scheme.

UNESCO also provides a series of additional resources including tools to help pupils to develop their own stories or participating in creative activities.


Activities and Events

Competitions and prizes can help encourage students to become actively involved in World Book Day. Short story competitions (the WBD website has a dedicated Storycraft tool with loads of tips and advice to help students get started) and spelling bees are great ways to encourage pupils who may otherwise allow the event pass them by.

Welland Park Academy library

Liven Up Your Library

An inviting library environment will encourage students to get stuck in to World Book Day. Here are five ideas to help you make the most of your school library:

  • Have a suggestion box so that students can share ideas on what new books they’d like to have in the library.
  • Encourage book reviews, write them up on note-cards, and display them on shelves next to favourite books.
  • Play music during lunch and break times to make the library a less stuffy and more fun place to hang out.
  • Create a “Book of the Month” board.
  • It’s important to encourage independent learning, and allowing for self-service in your school library is a great way to do this.

The Innova design team can help you develop a library which will provide an inspiring setting for World Book Day and beyond.

Book Reading

Author Workshops

The World Book Day team have also organised a series of author workshops which allows some of the world’s best-loved children’s authors offer virtual workshops to your students and teachers. Sign up for The Biggest Book Show on Earth and receive free access to the series of author workshop videos as the authors share their passion for reading and insider tips how to craft a beloved novel or short story.



To discover how Innova Design can help you build a functional and popular library in your school for World Book Day and throughout the school years, visit our homepage or call our dedicated team now on 0161 477 5300.