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Southlands High School Science & ICT

New build science, technology & ICT suite

Southlands High School is a progressive, forward-thinking school, which has undergone major changes in the last few years. Working closely with the school, Innova Design Group has made their vision of creating stimulating, modern functional learning spaces a reality.  The re-development has also played a huge role in producing record-breaking results for the school.  With outstanding new facilities to inspire staff and students for years to come Southlands is truly equipped for the educational challenges of the future.

"The work has had a massive impact on the learning environment in the school"

Mark Fowle, Headteacher

The Brief

As part of a new-build development programme, Southlands briefed Innova in collaboration with the main contractor to create modern, cutting-edge workspaces for the sciences, technology and ICT.  The new space efficient learning environments had to accommodate practical and written work, maximising interactivity and learning.  Quality and durability were also important consideration as the school was looking to build long lasting inspirational interiors.

The Solution

The modern 21st century science block, complete with 6 laboratories, prep room, auditorium, IT suite and reception was designed, manufactured and installed by Innova Design Group to maximise learning and productivity.

"It’s easier to learn when you’re in a space that feels modern and well equipped."



Innova’s unique ‘Hot Corners’ layout provided a flexible learning environment so that a working classroom and practical laboratory could be accommodated within the same space. Replacing the traditional long and narrow classrooms, the Hot Corners concept relocates the teacher to the long wall of the room creating shorter lines of communication, a more collaborative approach to learning and ease of circulation.

Velstone, a solid surface, fabricated by Innova, was used to create modern, durable work surfaces.  Touches of petrol coloured laminate and flashes of aluminium added to the ambience. Innova delivered striking new laboratories that were both practical and inspirational.

ICT Suite

The IT room was designed with “saw tooth” benching which maximised the user’s work space whilst making the room easy to manage for the teacher.

Southlands requested additional furniture for theory work which was delivered using Innova’s unique “doughnut design”, containing a central space for group work and student interaction.


Developed to maximise comfort and optimise audience concentration. The stylish auditorium now accommodates 59 students with an integrated writing tablet at each seat. Plinth lights on the central benching and tiers completes the look

Since completion the school has seen a 30% increase in pupil numbers, despite falling rolls locally, with record results for the whole school in 2012 and it’s best ever science results in 2013!


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