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Southlands High School Dining Room

School dining room refurbishment

Innova Design Group was awarded a contract by the school to design, manufacture and install a bistro style multi-functional , dining room fit for everyday use, where students could relax, eat and socialise.

"I have been to other schools, but never have I seen anything like the new dining room"

Mark Fowle, Headteacher

The Brief

To  create a better dining experience for the students and increase numbers – Utilising different furniture layouts and create a bistro/coffee house style interior.

The Solution

We worked closely with Southlands school council from brainstorming ideas, choosing colour schemes to selecting products. Our interactive design process ensured that all members of the school, from teachers to students, councils and governors, were involved in creating a space that worked for them.

Innova transformed the tired looking dining room to a modern restaurant inspired interior that equipped the school for the future.

Key features included in the installation of a breakfast bar with trendy bar stools, a relaxing breakout area, stunning feature lighting and striking graphics to complete the look.

  • Ergonomically designed benching and tables – increased capacity from 160 to 270
  • Hard wearing laminates and solid work surfaces used throughout
  • Splashes of colour, wall graphics and a striking stripped feature wall creates a modern and exciting space
  • Sofas, trendy bar stools and breakfast bar added to the coffee house appeal.

Following the refurbishment, Southlands High School has been awarded the 2012 Speakers Prize for the best school council initiative in the UK “An enterprising design brief for a 21st century school dining room”. The award is designed to celebrate school council projects and recognise the importance of the student voice in schools across the UK.


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