Refurbishment of Longdendale’s labs 

Longdendale High is a school on a mission to transform the education of students in Tameside. With results on the up and a quality management team seeking to continue on the path of progress – two science labs that were a window into the 1970s required modernisation.

The Brief

Having secured the necessary funding, Longdendale High School wanted to convert the two retro reminders of bygone science education into versatile 21st century classrooms that would inspire students and give teachers a sense of pride.

“Throughout the process we worked with Innova to refine and develop our vision and as a result this duo of labs – built entirely around the needs of our pupils and teachers – were delivered smoothly and efficiently.”

Natalie Harris, Business Manager

The school was keen to open up the space in the labs and ensure the labs could be easily reconfigured so teachers could adapt the room quickly when switching between theory and practical lessons.

Timescales were tight as Longdendale High School business manager, Natalie Harris, was also keen to ensure all work was signed off before the start of the September term.

The Solution

The layout of the labs has now been totally overhauled and reconfigured. The teacher is now located on the long wall of the classroom to shorten lines of communication and ease room management.

A long fixed bench at the back of the room keeps experiments and services such as gas, water and electricity out of the way, whilst also ensuring there is enough space for theory work.

Loose tables in the front of the long bench can be configured for teacher led lessons, individual tasks and group work and positioned around the room as lessons dictate making spaces versatile.

The labs now feature greater amounts of storage so the rooms are less cluttered and feel much bigger.

All told, this full turnkey installation which saw Innova design, manufacture and install the lab, was delivered on budget two weeks ahead of schedule with everything was signed off before the start of the September term.


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