Laboratory Design: The Wing System

Laboratory Design: The Wing System

Don’t just wing it this year, make your science labs work smarter for you!

Every classroom design is important, but special care and attention should be given to school science laboratories, which need to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide and varied range of activities from understanding concepts and applying them, appreciating the role of experimentation to developing analytical, problem solving and reporting skills.

The size of the space, the method of distributing services, choice of furniture and planning for safety will all affect the way in which a laboratory is used.

In this article we discuss the wing design layout and the benefits it can provide in creating a great environment to work and learn in.

Wing Layout Design – What are the benefits?

Innova’s modern wing layout ensures all students are facing front of class, improves circulation and allows teachers to have greater control of the learning environment.

Services can be located in a number of ways, however our clients prefer the gas and electric outlets  located on the front face of each bench, away from the work surface, as this configuration ensures they are out of reach from students but easy to access.

Further benefits are summarised below:

  • Creates a more collaborative approach to learning
  • Lines of communication can be shortened, however depends on the room shape and size
  • The wing design can be enhanced to a sweeping curved benching too, see our case studies below.
  • The wing layout, allows for more benching and storage space around the perimeter which helps to minimise clutter improving student concentration
  • Sinks can be located at either end of the benching or around the perimeter
  • Ability for students to work in groups, pairs or even individually
  • A teacher demo area at the front, provides the perfect space to deliver practical and theory lessons. With integrated services and a mobile fume cupboard

For further information on the pros and cons of science lab design read the full article here.

How has Innova’s wing layout supported educators see our case study examples below:

  • Worthing High School STEM facility – Worthing High School is a secondary academy based in Worthing, West Sussex, and caters to 950 students. Innova worked closely with the academy to create designs incorporating curved island layouts with plenty of flexibility and space for independent study as well as collaborative group work.

“We would be happy to recommend Innova and look forward to working with them again. Their team instilled confidence from the outset which continued all the way through to successful completion of the project.’
– Will Court, Philip Surveyor

Read the full case study here.

  • Dame Allans School – The curved bench design ensures students have a clear view of the teacher and provides the teaching staff greater control over their learning environment with the flexibility to easily switch between practical and theory lessons. A teacher demo area at the front of the room provides the perfect platform for demonstrations, Q&A sessions as well as accommodating smaller 6th form classes for more interactive discussions. Practical, stylish teacher walls further maximise space by incorporating built in storage, sliding whiteboards with interactive screens and space for books and equipment.

Read the full case study here.

Manchester High School for Girls

  • From out-dated to state-of-the-art, Innova worked closely with staff at the school to create contemporary laboratories which really work for students and teachers – maximising space, improving circulation and increasing flexibility for practical work.
  • Innova provided a full turnkey solution, including design, manufacture and installation of all furniture as well as M&E works and flooring. The biology laboratory was designed with a curved centre floor layout to allow students to sit comfortably and safely when conducting both written and practical work. With gas and electricity located on the front face of the desks, the layout maximises desk space, allowing sufficient room for both practical and theory lessons.

Watch our timelapse video here and see firsthand how we completed their full turnkey laboratory refurbishment.


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